Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The first of my "Sassy Girls" series.....Cali


I hope everyone is well, and how about that memorial for Michael Jackson?????

I don't know about you all, but I will admit it.......I cried. My gosh, I grew up with his musical influence, and I'm only one year younger, so it really has been most of my life. I thought he was magical and his dancing was indescribable. I loved his songs and had a couple of his albums (Thriller & Bad) and can remember singing along to "ABC" on their cartoon show.

Well, now on to my first of a series of dolls I'm calling "Sassy Girls." My first one is named Cali and she's really not so much sassy as she is very dolly looking. She's got somewhat of a vintage look about her, and I created her outfit accordingly. I actually had made the legs, with shoes, months ago for another doll I was thinking about, but never got around to. These legs were "literally" hanging around my studio, and I figured I better get a wiggle on and get a doll made.

So, here's Cali:

She stands about 13" tall, and has exaggerated extremities (i.e. big head, hands, feet) maybe I did her in my not really! Here's some more pic's:

Egads.........she's wearing undies, too!

These are the legs that started the whole thing.
I should have Cali on my Etsy site within the next couple of days for any of you who would love to give her a new home. She really wants a new home as it's getting crowded here with all my craft stuff, and more dolls on the way.
Thanks for stopping by, come back often.


CathWren said...

She is absolutely adorable Meri! Thank you so much for taking time to share her with us.

Ange said...

Hello Meri,

My name is Ange and I live in Gilbert with my husband and 9 children. I picked up a copy of Somerset Publication as well as an extra copy for an artist and childhood friend who lives in San Francisco. She pointed out your feature so I looked you up and found your site and blog. Your work is just lovely...

My family moved out here from Atlanta late last year and I just randomly picked up a sketch pad and realized I could do some things besides stick figures. I have also done a few collages. I would absolutely love to meet you and look at some of your creations for inspiration. We live off of Higley near Williams Field Road.

If you have a chance I would love to keep in touch with you. My email is