Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hettie Mae waiting for the bus

Hello everyone,
I hope you all are having a wonderful day so far. My husband just came in last night from being gone for a week. He's here for two days and heads out again for another week or so.........aagghhh, I hate when he has to travel, I miss him so much! But he's here for two day's so I'll make the most with the time I do have with him.
Well today's post has to do with my latest doll. I've been working on this doll for quite some time, and I'm very proud of her. She's got an eerie authenticity about her and half the time I quite expect her to talk to me. I've always loved older folks, especially if they are really wrinkly and tell stories.........I must liken them to faerie folk in some way and expect them to tell me some fantastic stories of old. I've actually had those experiences while traveling in Europe. I've been fortunate enough to meet people in my travels through England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, France and Belgium. Because I relate anything from the British Isles as faerie or having some mystical power, I feel that I try to relay that feeling or ambiance with my artwork. Hettie Mae is based on a compilation of characters I've grown up with having to do with African American slavery and their blighted history here in the U.S. Reading books such as Huck Finn, TV shows like "Roots," and watching movies like "the color purple," and most recently "the secret life of bees." I have a lot of respect for the history of colored folk world-wide, and I felt compelled to make an African American doll, so here she is..................

Hettie Mae is sitting on this pretty white victorian bench, in some small town in the south, waiting for the bus that will eventually take her to her daughter in California and her grandbabies. She's a southern lady and sits fairly prim and proper, legs almost crossed at the ankles, hair updone, and pretty patriotic red, white, and blue colors on her dress. She's got her luggage with her and her purse...........she's all set.
Check out the proud tilt of her head, she's got nothing to be ashamed of and it shows!

She has just started to settle in her seat and cross her legs, as you can see with her right leg lifting to cross.
She's got her hands firmly on top of her purse (security reasons you know) and lovely natural fingernails are shining.

Her lovely grey hair is upswept into a neat roll, and her diamond stud earrings cast a pretty sparkle at her ears (an anniversary gift from her husband who passed away a few years ago).

There's some sadness to her eye's as she misses her husband. They were married for over 49 years, and he passed just short of their 50th anniversary.
So although she misses her husband, she now awaits a bus to take her to see her grandchildren, and her daughter, where she expects to lavish great attention on her grandchildren and recieve the same from them, especially their giggles and laughter. This is just the medicine she needs!
Well, I hope you've enjoyed this peek into Hettie's life, and if you're interested in purchasing her, please go to my Etsy shop and check out the details:
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Jennifer and Kim said...

We love her Meri! And the story that goes with her.