Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Introducing "Sassy Girl" Brooke

Hello everyone,

It's been a very busy month and once again I'm late with blogging. I've been working on the "Sassy Girl" series of dolls and have finished number two (Brooke) and I'm in the process of sculpting number three (No name yet). Last week I spent three days teaching my youngest daughter, Abby 13, how to plan, shop, cook and serve a three course meal. She started with pasta salad, then sirloin steak with asperagus and potatoes au-gratin as the entree and lemon bars to finish. Here's a picture of the happy cook and her equally happy dad;

And here's a couple of pic's of the actual meal;


I taught a few classes in the past couple of weeks as well. My health has never been the best, physically at least, and I've been having issues with my right arm lately. I noticed about a year ago that I couldn't totally straighten out my elbow on the right. I figured that with all the other crap in my life having to do with my body that it was just par for the course. Well lately it's been going numb on me. On my monthly visit to the doctor (I'm a chronic pain patient) I mentioned it to him and he sent me out for a neural scan. I had a wonderful, funny doctor (jk he was a dead stick) that poked me with needles and shot electricity through about 30 different nerve points in both arms. My left arm came out alright, but it hurt like h*&%# on my right arm and it was very sore for about three days. Now it's more numb than ever, and I'm waiting for an orthopaedic doctor to send me out for either an MRI or an X-ray (maybe both). Apparently I have a pinched ulnar nerve and it's gotta' be set free! Surgery is probably immenent......we'll see. Anyway, it's been causing me problems and makes it harder to type on my blog, as I'm definately right handed.

Okay, now to my latest "Sassy Girl"'s Brooke:

(Guess what? Brooke sold the same day she was listed on Etsy and her new owner, from Wisconsin, is thrilled and can't wait to see her)

Well?????? Whadaya' think? I think she's adorable and so sassy sticking her tongue out at the world. You can just imaging her blowin' raspberries.............

Won't you please take her home to live with you? She'll always give you something to giggle about, yet she's so undemanding!

Go to my Etsy store and buy her today.

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Ange said...

Sassy Girl is adorable...her little bottom is the cutest! Been praying for you for healing and strength. You are to be admired for continuing to do what you love and press onward in the face of adversity. You're an inspiration to many! Sending blessings!! Ange

Sandra said...

Love Sassy, especially her little ruffly bottom.

Ange said...


I gave you a blog award on my blog. Thank you for being such a blessing and wonderful encouragement to me. Ange