Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Elizabeth Holcombe Project Day 3


Well, it's day three and things are progressing nicely on the "Elizabeth Holcombe" project.  Yesterday I wasn't able to do much, as I had to let the piece dry and crack.  There's one really good thing about the heat in Arizona.......during the summer months I can put my sculptures outside for about 5 to 10 minutes and they're dry!  Now that it's during the winter, okay I know you folks out east don't consider this a winter but, we had a "chilly" 70 degrees today, and it took a lot longer for my sculpture to dry (insert whine). 

Elizabeth Holcombe mentioned that she was at minus 3 and windy........brrrrrrrrrrrr, sorry Elizabeth but I don't envy you right now.

Anyway, here's how the progress is looking from this mornings work:

I put a hole in the rear to insert a support/armature for the tail.

Although these still look rough, these legs have been smoothed out considerably, and yet they still need more refinement.

And here I am working on the pony.............yes, it's really me, who do you think it is...........Britney Spears?  Come on now........although, you know I have been told I kind of look like her...........................NOT!

Enough silliness, Elizabeth's pony is coming along quickly and so far I'm really happy with the progress.

So even in spite of the frigid 70 degrees, I'll be getting pony done, and he'll be on his way home soon.

Pony is being worked on consecutively with Gerry Giraffe, and he's definitely starting to look good........don't you think?

Well, that's enough for tonight, but rest assured Elizabeth, your pony is coming along well.

Night, night,

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Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Oh MY!!!~~~How delightful! You go, Britney! Ahem...I mean Meri! :))))~~~XXOO, Beth