Friday, January 1, 2010

The "Elizabeth Holcombe" Project

Howdy all,

Happy New Year, and it's the first day of sculpting for my blog follower winner.  Once I get started, I move pretty fast, although some of the steps keep me from just finishing it in one day.  Using this image:

First, I had to start with a clean work area:

I then print out the image to work from, and do some of my own sketching to figure size and position.  Then I had to create an armature using both twisted, 16 gauge wire, and florist foam, as well as foam balls:

I had to glue the foam pieces together, using foam glue, and then wait most of the day for it to dry.  Once it was mostly dry, I began paring down the foam pieces, refining them even more:

Now as I apply clay overall, I still end up shaving some foam down to get it to look a certain way.  Now that's it has it's initial layer of clay, I need to let it dry, shrink and crack. 

After I let it dry I can go back and refine it and/or sculpt it with a razor knife further which will most likely happen over the next couple of days.

That's it for day one, letting it dry is one of the hardest steps cause I get very impatient, and I want to continue until it's done.  As you can see, however, it's really starting to look like the image above.  With the 1" wooden base, this pony stands at just about 12" high and actually might just go over that with ears and hair added.

Thanks for following along, and don't forget, I love comments so let me have it ;o)

Have a great weekend,


Elizabeth Holcombe said...

OH wow! It is so amazing to see your creation in progress! I love seeing your artistic process. Thanks for the post!~~~XXOO, Beth

Sandy said...

This is great! I just know Beth is going to love it! :)