Monday, March 1, 2010

Something new from me, about something old that's mine!

Hi Folks,

It's been a while, and I'm sorry about not posting sooner.  For those of you in the know, we've had a lot of rain here in Sunny Arizona (so weird) and I don't do especially well in cold or wet weather.

However, it hasn't stopped me from checkin' everyone else's blogs out.....oh yeah, I've been surfin' blogland.  I've noticed a lot of blogs have information about ancestry (Sandy and Elizabeth) and I thought I'd give it a weak shot.  I'm not the best at this history stuff, as a matter of fact I have a cousin and my own daughter (Caitlin) that have our maternal side goin' all the way back to A.D. 700's...............gads, we've been around a long time, even some royalty in there.  Anyway, I've been extremely fortunate to have some of our family heirlooms and today I'd like to post about a few with the extremely limited knowledge I do have.

This is a painting that I used to (and still do) adore, and when it hung at my maternal grandmother's house, I would just sit and stare at it.  There's a face in the picture, and it captivated me, and still does some 45-50 years later.  It's currently hanging in my bedroom, above my bed, and the little "post-it" stuck on it is my oldest daughter, Caitlin's, way of marking it as hers once I'm gone.  I've asked my children to put their names on what they want when I'm gone, so there's no last minute fighting.......I hate that!

Anyway, about the was painted by my great, great aunt Stella Hoag, from Skillet Creek, Wisconsin.  Story is; She was a teacher in an old one room school house, but she also loved to paint.  This location is in Skillet Creek, just outside Baraboo, Wisconsin, and just a way's away from the school house she taught in.  My whole family has always been artistic, my own mother was once a fairly well known water-colorist here in the southwest, but I've loved this oil painting all my life.  I am fortunate that I have a few items from my grandmothers time; an old original rubber Kewpie doll, some salt & pepper shaker sets (she collected hundreds) an old dresser and an original Jenny Lind spindle bed (stored in the garage).

Now as to the face in the picture, in case you aren't able to see it, here's a graphic of it:

Now scroll back up and see if you can see a face now.  Pretty cool, huh?  Now, here's an actual "Tin-type" picture of the lady that painted it:

This is Edwin and Stella Hoag taken after their marriage in 1873, in Baraboo Wisconsin.  So, that's a little bit of history from my mother's side of the family, but I so wanted to share the painting with you all, as it's very precious to me.  I'd also like to share just a quick image of one of my mother's artwork.  As I said, she used to be quite a well known artist in her day, and her work is scattered around the world in some private collections.  I am blessed enough to have a few of them and this is one of two that I asked her to paint for me.  I'll post later on the other one, as it's ancestral and needs it's own post, but please enjoy this one:

Now this watercolor is of an old house in California, somewhere along the route of the "17-mile Drive" between Monterrey and Carmel.  I don't know the history of the house, but I fell in love with it.  I was in my senior year of high school (77/78) in Visalia, California and my parents, my little sister Jenny and I went for this drive along the coast.  It was one of the prettiest rides I've been on, and I thought this house looked like it was in a fairytale, so I snapped a piccy.  A few years later, I asked my mom to paint me a picture of it, and voila' here it is!  My parents used to own a custom framing business in the late 90's and she custom matted and framed it for me, too!  I'm a very blessed person to be able to have such wonderful treasures from my family.  My mom captured the essence of the picture I took, as it was a misty/foggy morning when we drove around, and there actually was this huge field of yellow flowers leading up to the house, and it actually looked like the roof was either crooked or broken, but there was smoke coming out of the fireplace so, I guess it was habitable.

So that's it for today, but as I mentioned, I will post later about some of the other artwork I commissioned from my mom........until then, I wish everyone a very happy March 1st and hope it's the start of some better weather for those of you back east.

God Bless and Lot's of hugs,


Creative Breathing said...

Oh Meri, Your post has so touched my heart this morning. We do have so much in common! Reading your post was like visiting my own mother. I too would sit and stare for hours at her paintings lost in my own imaginative stories. Your paintings are just breathtaking. That the cottage is in Monterey lifted the hairs on my skin. My mother mostly painted water colors when she lived there as a young woman. Thank you for sharing your treasures. Thanks for your memories! Elizabeth

Nan said...

Hi Meri,
The painting had me going, I was back and forth until I could see the face. Now did she make sure that was in there when she painted it or was this just something you found? I wish my kids would tell me what they want of mine, make it a lot easier. Nan

Sandy said...

I forgot about the face! What an incredbile artist she was way way back!!!! So before her time with this concept! I told you last night, you are soooo blessed with info and photos and such! Many people are not near as lucky to have all of the family "wealth"! Great post!!!!!

Claudia said...

Both paintings are so beautiful, Meri, with so much history. How proud you must be to have such an artistic family. Those must be priceless treasures for you.

Oh, that button may well have been one you gave me...see, I've already put it to good use!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Love that painting! It reminds me of the Victorian drawing of a woman sitting and looking at herself in a vanity mirror. But, if you look closely, the entire drawing is really a skull. Fascinating stuff!

If I put my name on something because I wanted it when my mother passed away, she'd chase me around the block with a willow branch - and I'm almost 60! LOL

Creative Breathing said...

Me again Meri, 13 Tags Total! One of my drop outs, dropped back in! So happy. Sandy is on super speed, keep it under control out there! E

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Meri, wow! You are so very fortunate to be included in a family of such talent. The hidden lady is something else. My Mom and Dad were also very talented...Mom painted and Dad could make anything he wanted to. I have several clocks he made and my boy's portraits, he made the frames from out of walnut. One year we gave him a bunch of walnut boards for Christmas because it was so expensive. Enjoy your day and I hope it's sunny for you.

Mimi said...

HI !!!!!!
How cool is this!!!!!
No, I really do not craft, I can make a few cute things, but Never to sell!!!!!
I would be interested in going to your event though!!!!
How have I not met you in blogland before!!!!!
I am working on hosting the next AZ bloggers luncheon and so I need you to allow me to follow you or vice versa so we can stay in touch so you do not miss out on meeting the best group of ladies ever!!!! I love them all and they are no such dear friends to me!!!!!
You need to meet them!!!!!
How can I follow you, I did not see a spot to click!!!!
you have a great portrait above your bed and I saw the faCE!!!!!
my Mom does the post it thing as well, only I tell her "Mom we will not fight", she laughs!!!!!
have a great day

Mimi said...

I am following now!!!
Only I am sad/mad about my picture, where did it go????
Normally when i follow someone my pic is attached!!!!
I will have to ask daughter about that!!!!!

Mimi said...

HI again!!!!
it is
let's keep in touch!!!
I might just know a few crafters, young mom's who make darling headbows and headbands for little girls!!!!

Lisa said...

That is really cool!! How cool to have the painting and the picture of the artist!! Love it!
Hugs, Lisa

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Beautiful paintings and such gorgeous treasures. A lovely and touching post.

Thanks for stopping by and your invite to join in the fun in april at the craft show. I really don't do that many crafts, so I don't have anything to contribute, but I will try to get out there to it if I can. Good luck. Hugs, Marty

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Meri, thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment on my bottles. You made my day. I will get back to you this week on that. I had some medical tests today and I am not at my best to think about this...but I promise I will. Thanks again!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What gorgeous paintings! I have an entire hallway covered in old photos. It is one of the favorite walls in my home.

Your craft fair sounds like so much fun. How soon do you need to know if I can participate?

I ask because I am currently taking 3 classes, doing an intership, running a business, loving my family and of course maintaining a blog. :) The craft fair occurs two weeks before finals and I am not sure yet as to what my work load will be.

I am also doing a craft fair in Cave Creek on March 14th and don't know if I can create enough to replinish what I sell there.

I wish there was more of me. But I am not saying "No." yet. :)

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