Saturday, February 13, 2010

I have a winner!

Hello Folks,

Today is February 13th, and I have chosen a winner for my spring giveaway of D. Duck.  Please give a big round of applause for Jenny S. of "The Red Bulletin Board."  You can visit her at (

Well, Jenny, I'll be sending you an email wanting your address and such, so keep an eye out for it, and congratulations.  I know you'll give D. Duck a loving home, and please stick around as I come up with more fun characters, and soon I'll be announcing my summer giveaway that's gonna' drive you all just buggier! Hint Hint

Thank you to all of you who participated, especially those that went for the second and third chances with listing me in your fave list or going all the way and posting about me.  I'm still new to all of this, but I'm really enjoying getting to know a lot of you, through comments, and private emails.  I always knew there were a lot of great people out there in this big world, and now I actually have a chance to get to know some of them.  It's always been my greatest strength and my biggest weakness knowing that there's good inside everyone.  I've experienced the wrong side, but even then, I always tried to see if there was a reason behind the way someone acted, or at the very least an explanation for why they hurt me without provocation.  Sometimes I've gone a little crazy trying to find the reason why someone hurt me, only learning that I had to let it go, and that maybe I'd never find out why.  Sometimes I found out why, years and years later, and even though it broke my heart to hear the reason, at least I knew.  That kind of karma doesn't happen much with me, so you can understand why I might go a little crazy trying to find reasons for everything.

For the most part, I have summarized that everything does happen for a reason.  I might not like or agree with it, but it is what it is.  Fortunately, I've found more positive than negative, and my belief that the positive came because of the negative is my understanding now.  A lot of the crap in my life had to happen for me to appreciate all the wonderful things that I have now.  I now have a very devoted and loving husband, just like I always dreamed of, for the most part my children are safe, well, and in varying levels of happiness, and I pray to God for that to continue. 

I also pray for all of you that I've come to know, that no harm should befall you, and you stay well (stay warm for those of you still in the snow), and much happiness and success in whatever journey you are currently on.

Thank you all again for following me, and I look forward to the continuation of our journey together.

Lot's of love,