Monday, February 14, 2011

My Love Story

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is my love story - In 1997 I was in the middle of a divorce from my first husband of 18 years, dating a co-worker that ended up dumping me, and spiraling ever downward into depression and thoughts of suicide.  My mental state was not sound, to say the least, and I harbored a huge grudge against men in general.  This was the dawn of computer dating and I went online with the idea of payback.  I was going to hurt someone, a man, as badly as I had been hurt.  My intentions were short lived.

My short bio was extremely honest, sarcastic, and to some extent rude, and wonder of all wonders I received 5 contacts.  In my bio I mentioned something to the effect that I was not a model and neither should they be one, I was (and still am) handicapped with chronic pain and mobility issues, and I actually thought I wouldn't get any responses at all.  The first four were typical guys, asking for pictures of me, and most likely lying about themselves.  I ignored them as I had mentioned in my bio that if you need a picture of me, then I have no need of ever meeting you.  The fifth respondent I couldn't ignore.

After chatting via email for a couple of days, we found that we had almost paralleled lifestyles, and we both had a love of England (although he actually had family there), and I threw out one of the most obscure and random bits of trivia as a question to him (I was actually testing his insider knowledge of England, testing his honesty).  I asked him if he'd ever had "Scrumpy?"  Scrumpy, otherwise known as local moonshine in the area of Devon, was said to be so strong that it could "take the paint off a side of a barn" and I loved the stuff!  You really had to either be English or have some intimate knowledge of England to know about Scrumpy.........well, 15 minutes after I sent him the query, he responded with an affirmative on knowing about Scrumpy, AND he included the recipe for brewing some up!!!!

It was love on the spot!  We finally met for lunch, and with his blazing blue eyes, which he couldn't take off of me, we (I) started to fall in love even more.  To this day he stands by the notion that he fell in love with me while emailing, I, on the other hand was a bit slower as I'd been so severely hurt in the past.  It took me over a year to admit to loving him, with the final clincher being when he proposed and apologized to me.

My man was moving fast and had forgotten to include me in all of his planning, which I took umbrage to and started feeling I was being taken for granted again.  When he proposed, kneeling, in the middle of downtown Tempe, Arizona, in front of many witnesses he handed me a stuffed "Scooby Doo" toy and around his neck was a beautiful sapphire ring with a design that denoted the year "2000" on the side.  As he handed Scooby to me, he apologized for moving so quickly and not even asking if I wanted to come along for the ride.  Usually, as a woman, you have to manipulate the man into apologizing for everything.........I didn't have to do anything. He apologized so sincerely, and I teared up and accepted this man as he had done the one thing no other man had ever done...............he apologized!  None of the men in my past had ever apologized for the hurt and the pain they had caused me (believe me there has been some bad doo doo in the past).

My husband, my love, my life and I have been together ever since, and we finally married in 2002 and spent our honeymoon in England.  This man swept me off my feet and has been carrying me ever since (no mean feat as I weigh a ton).  He's been my lover, my best friend, my everything, not to mention he's a freakin' genius!  This man is so intelligent, so passionate, so sweet, silly, everything!
From wooing me with roses and balloons plastered all over my car, planting 7 rose bushes right outside my kitchen window on Valentines Eve (so that I would always have roses to look at), and always loving me no matter how crappy I am..........this man is my knight in shining armor, my hero, my everything.  Our love will last beyond eternity, it is a strong and wondrous love, a love forever.
I love you my life, have a beautiful day.

To the rest of you, I wish you the kind of love I've been fortunate enough to find in my lifetime.

Happy Valentine's Day

Hugs & Kisses