Thursday, October 20, 2011

Something Very Special

Hey Folks,
I'm dropping by to share some very special artwork with you.  As most of you know, I've been caring for my mom since June 2011.  She's been living with me since then and dealing with many life-threatening infections, as well as over 5 visits to the hospital.  Recently, she had been getting much better, gaining some weight back and we thought she was on the road to recovery, or at least getting closer to resuming her chemo treatments, and then last week she fell and broke her shoulder.  This has been a major setback, as she's totally dependent on me again.  Now most of you have written many comments on what a good daughter I am, well maybe so, but I know in my heart that everyone of you would do the same, and as a matter of fact some of you are, so although I thank you for your praise............I'm not so different than any of you.
I have been blessed these many months with spending very special, loving time, with my mother.  We've reminisced, sung old songs, played games and just chatted.  It's been alternately a challenge, frustrating, painful, poignant, and sad, and yet it's one of the greatest privileges I'll ever have.
Although I have so many posts waiting to be written about recent gifts, goodies I've gotten, goodies I've bought, and so forth, today I'd like to share artwork from my mother that is especially meaningful to me.  My mother is an accomplished artist in her own right in drawing, and watercolor painting.  Her past works have been awarded many ribbons in various judged art shows, as well as becoming private collection pieces throughout the country.  This collection I show you today starts back in the 1940's and continues through the first few years of her marriage in 1950.  She was just graduated from High School when she married, so as you'll notice these were drawn by a very young lady, in her teens, and lot's of fanciful vision.
As a child, growing up, the following sketches were hidden away in the very back of her closet, where I would sneak in, dig through, and unveil for my very own viewing pleasure.  There are many more sketches in this collection, which I now own, but these hold a particular fascination for me.  How many mothers out there sketched and colored beautiful princess gowns and bold, striking fashion designs?  Just knowing I have these pieces of my mothers creativity and passion, and will pass them down to my oldest daughter who loves them almost equally, just gives me the sweetest feeling.
Behold the timeless fashion styling of Dorie Johnson:
Attention, these are original, copyrighted works of art and belong to ImagiMeri's Creations.  Do not copy, do not use for any reason whatsoever. Thank you.

Now this one must have stuck in my memory
because I designed one of my sculpture creations
with this almost identical outfit, as seen here:

As you can see, my mother was a great artistic influence in my life.  These are her scanned, original works of art, that I now will have forever, thanks to today's miracle of technology.

I hope you enjoyed this little exhibit, and I will be posting about my trip to the "Phoenix Museum" next week.  My mother is doing better, but is still in a very critical stage.  Her arm is supported in a sling at this time, as the shoulder break is in a good position.  However, should she "bump" or somehow move her shoulder in the next two weeks, she could get the bone misplaced and end up needing surgery.  Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes, they really mean a lot to me.

Have a great weekend, and I'll have more next week.

Big Hugs,

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Beg Your Pardon.........

I need to take a short break folks.  My mom fell today and broke her shoulder, and there's a lot of stuff to take care of in the next week or so.  She's in an extreme amount of pain, and I'm not feeling all that well with the weather change.  I, myself, have many medical tests coming up and now's a lot to deal with.  I know you'll all understand, but I'll have to postpone my free Halloween graphics and the trip to the museum for a bit.

Thank you all so very much for all your support in the past, and yes, I'd appreciate any good thoughts and prayers you can send my way.

I will be back!

Love ya'