Saturday, January 21, 2012

Changes in Life........once again!

Howdy folks,

Well just when you get all excited about a new year, and new possibilities, things change!  My husband came home yesterday, early, after being fired from his job of 7 years.  No explanation, no severance, nothing.....not even a goodbye or thanks for building this company into the number one, fastest, data transfer company in the world......just nothing.

We're in our 50's, and contrary to all the current thinking that 50 is the new 30 (bullpoopy), it's not getting any easier.  Somehow there are people out there that have these massive, disposable incomes and like to buy and sell companies for fun.  They don't know business, they don't know how to manage, they don't know much of anything except that they've got money to burn and we don't. 

Well, enough of that......
During the holidays I had a few orders, and I thought I'd share a couple of them with you.  This local gal wanted a unique gift for her husband and her daughter, and what's better than a permanent sculptural reminder of a beloved pet?  The first sculpt is of a dog that is no longer around, however, he was the "soul-dog" of this lady's husband.  I worked from a photograph they had of "Scout" when he was running around a lake they used to visit, and someone had put some "goggles" on him.  It was a very humorous picture and she thought her husband would love a reminder of his past pet.  Here's Scout:

Scout stands about 6" tall, and he's a Chesapeake Bay retriever.
Do you see the goggles on him?

This next one is of a dog they currently own, and his name is "Rocky."  Rocky was decorated one day in a little costume that had a headband with kitten ears on it, and a hot pink feather boa wrapped around his neck.  The daughter considers this her dog and loved the picture, so why not have a permanent version also.  Here's  Rocky:

Rocky is also about 6" tall and he's some sort of mix
breed, so they're not quite sure about his lineage.

The two together......pretty cute, eh?
I found out the week after Christmas that their new owners just loved them.  They were last seen being hauled around to various friends and family for inspection.

I'm currently working on a dachshund for the lovely Lynn over at "life on the wienee ranch."  I hope to have it done soon, but I'm currently in the middle of a move for my mother.

Yes, folks, we received some wonderful news about my mom.  She recently had another PET scan and a bunch of blood work done.  We met with her oncologist last week, and.................wonder of all wonders........her tumors have either stopped growing, and in some cases even shrunk a bit, and now unless new growth takes place, or there's new activity, she does not need to have anymore chemo at this time!  Needless to say, she is extremely grateful and has been chatting with God quite often.  We have found a place for her and it's really quite nice.  She will be renting a 700 s.f., one bedroom apartment in an adult community which is specifically for those wanting to live an independent life, yet have all the bells and whistles in the needs of the elderly.  She's very excited about it, and I'm very happy and excited for her.  We have begun the process of cleaning out her home and we're dealing with all the decisions of what to take, what to store and what to sell........which is exhausting considering all the crap goodies she's got!

Here's a couple of vintage Valentines to whet your appetite for more.  I'm including the original and a cleaned up version in a png format for those of you wishing to create digital crafts.

Please enjoy these, and keep an eye out for some that I will have created in the next week or so.  I am still working on creating new backgrounds for my blog, and I currently have two Valentine versions ready, I just need to pick one and load it.  Here are the two to choose from, maybe you all can help me decide.  Let me know which one you think I should load.

Here's Background #1 and Header #1

Here's Background #2 and Header #2

I know, I know, they're quite a different look for me, but I'm having a blast creating and I really wanna' try having a background and header for each holiday.  There will always be an aspect of silly and fun in my work, but I wanna' try different looks with that in mind as an overall theme.  Am I making any sense????

Anyway, that's it for now.  More goodies to come.........enjoy each day!

Big Hugs,


Kim K. said...

I'm so sorry to read about your husband's job loss. Ouch. That just stinks BIG time. That sounds like fabulous news for your mother though. What a blessing. Love your beautiful creations and thank you again for sharing your valentine images.

Paula Clare said...

Hi Meri,
SO SORRY to hear about your husband's bad news! HOLY MOLY has the world gone mad?!?! I will be praying God continues to provide for you and yours...

Thanks for the sweet valentine images...I personally LOVE the first background and the very MERI!

The dogs are amazing...I wonder if you could make a replica of my dear little Webster? (with the cowboy hat on?) How much do you charge for such things AND are you up for custom orders now or no?

Hang in there sister...God's got our backs (I will say until I can breathe no more!)

Love and hugs,
Paula Clare

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh Meri...I am so sorry for your struggles. I do hope things perk up around your neck of the woods. I will be saying lots of prayers and sending lots of hugs. Love those sweet doggies. Must say I lean towards the first blog style. Hang in there my dear. Oh and when you find that disposable income can you send some this way....smiles...Renee

Michelle said...

That retriever is so gorgeous!I love the detail of his hair. I work with paperclay and make sculptures too. What medium do you use? Also, I love the first red and aqua background you made. Great color combo!
Thanks so much,

elizabeth holcombe said...

Meri!!~~Your dogs are wonderful and great news about your dear mother. I am sorry to hear about your hubby's job. I'm sending you good vibes and thoughts!~~~XXOO, Beth

busymartha said...

Whatever doesn't kill us, maketh us stronger. Is that how the saying goes? Hope your luck changes soon. It's so nice to have you back, Marilyn

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Meri, I'm continuing to pray for you and yours.

When my husband lost his job, it wasn't the fear of no income that got him down, it was the rejection. The Lord quickly provided another job but my hubs walked with his head down for awhile.

Claudia said...

I'm so sorry about what happened to your husband. It stinks. Live just keeps getting more and more challenging, doesn't it?

The news about your Mom, on the other hand, is wonderful!

Your sculpts are incredible, Meri. Someday I hope to have you sculpt Scout and Riley.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

:(:(:(:( So sorry to hear about Hubby's job :(:(:(:(

I loveeeeeeeeee the doggy's and loving that your Mom is getting her own place!! That is EXCITING! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Decor To Adore said...

Dear, dear Meri,

A mean season to be sure. I am praying that another, truly wonderful company snaps your sweet hubby up and treasures his talents.

Almost a week later I am still enjoying my tulips and thinking about that delicious salad. Thank you dear friend.

Shirley Hatfield said...

First off, I want you to know how sorry I am about your husband's job. What a kick in the head! You will have my prayers as well...I've really gotten fond of a lot of the bloggers I follow and I especially enjoy your colorful, sweet and joyful playground of a blog. As for the blog designs, I'm loving red and aqua/turquoise right now and that first set gave me a jolt of HAPPY!

Jenny said...

Oh Meri. Oh NO!!!!! I'm so sorry to hear this. Oh girl!!!! Just breath. Keep taking a deep breath in and out. Just because you CAN get through it, doesn't mean it is going to be EASY.

I am so glad to hear about your Mom.

Joy and sorrow, worry and closure...always wrapped into one big, messy bundle of life.

Sending you hugs and prayers.

Nan said...

Meri I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's job. He may end up working another job that is not quite what he wants just to get work. The sculptures are just AMAZING as always and I'm sure the owners loved them! And your Mom and this new place she will move, wonderful. I know cleaning out her present place is going to involve lots of work from you! Take care my friend. Nan

Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

The good and the bad. I am sorry Meri about this wrench being thrown in your direction. I am glad to read this about your mother. That is such good news for everyone.

And the dogs, I love them both. Amazing work.

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hi Meri,
I also am sorry to hear that your hubby lost his job and will pray for you guys...
LOVE your new doggies ! You do a wonderful job. I should save up some of my "pennies"...I think my little Sweet Pea would be cute made by you.
I like both new banners...however number 2 is on top!
Great news about your Mom!!
God Bless and take care.

gail said...

Hi Meri,,, Boy I am so sorry to hear about your husbands job. I want you to know you and your family are in my prayers. I hope you are feeling better soon! ((())). I love the two special orders you did. I know the family will cherish them forever. They are adorable!
Thanks for visiting my blog:). I have been doing very well. Now comes become more physically fit. I am walking almost everyday to build up my strength. Its taken so long, but I am feeling great.
Take Care!!! Gail

PS: I like the first background best (i think, lol) They are both so pretty.

Cindy said...

Arghhhhh don't you just love the incompetents of this world....!!
I will be praying for the job security you need and want...let me tell you it is not fun...yet it is a great trip with the Lord!!!

Praise God for your moms health status and the new digs!! Yeah I dread to day my kids have to go thru my crap...stuff!!

Love the dogs....I thinks you might have found a second income here!!! yah!

And for the heading...I agree with Shirley...Number one 1 gave me a jolt of Happy also....great design and use of color.

Hugs and Cindy

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

It's bad enough to lose a job but to have it happen in this manner really hurts. I hope things turn around for you and your family very soon. I'm glad you at least have wonderful news about your mother. You are a very talented lady. I love the little dogs. If you have things to share that are not for sale items, please join in my Cozy Home Party on Tuesday. I think my readers would love to see your work.
I hope you have a good week and that your husband has lots of luck finding a job.--------- Shannon

Wish You Were Here said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's job loss. I hope it works out BETTER for him. My husband was forced to leave a job he had for 16 years and though it was a firing, they made his life miserable until he could no longer take it. His new job is so much better - he loves it and the people he works with are great. We are in our 50's, too. Here's to the same thing happening for your family :O) BTW, I like the first set you made for your header & background! Hugs, Janice

Wish You Were Here said...

Whoops, I meant to say though it wasn't a firing with my husband but they pretty much forced him out! Out with the old in with the new! Anyway, he is SOO much happier now! Best wishes :O) Janice

Betsy said...

Hi Meri,

First, I'm so happy to hear the good news about your mom. What a blessing! But I'm sorry to hear about your husband's job loss. We went through that about 5 years ago. He had been with his company for 20 years and got downsized. So much for loyalty for years served!

Loved the valentine images--thanks so much for sharing these.

Betsy said...

What a rollercoaster you're on, Meri. Praying that your hubbs will quickly find a new, wonderful job.

I'm soooo happy about your mother!

Hang in there, lady, good things are coming your way:)


Jenny's Heart said...

I can relate to your husband's job loss, my husband has been out of work for...a long time. I will say a prayer for y'all. Thank you for the oh so sweet images :)