Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I was bored!

Howdy Ya'll,

Well, I'm still here......whoot, whoot!  To add to all the fun stuff goin' on in my life, my somewhat better knee (the right one) went out on me the other night and I couldn't even touch it to the ground without a piercing knife like pain resulting.  Now mind you, anyone who knows my history (it's looooong and tedious) knows that neither of my knees are any good (even after 14 surgeries and two replacements on the left one), but I've been limping along sorta' safe on the right one for a while.  I've been told my right knee needed a replacement over 5 years ago, but not having good insurance and having a nightmare experience with the left one........I just haven't gotten round-tuit!

Anyhoo, I experienced some sort of mis-alignment last Monday evening and ended up staying in bed all Tuesday with ice packs.  I'm doing a little better today and had to take my mom to a doctor appointment, but that's about all I could manage.  However, my creative mojo has been extremely low lately, and I was surprised to find that I actually wanted to do something.  I've had this rabbit lamp in my life for over 24 years, as it lightened my oldest daughters room when she was growing up, and I decided it was time for a lampshade makeover.

Here it is before I started:

And here's what I did to it:

I used some old images out of a 1930's
home magazine for crafts

I think it turned out pretty cute, and lucky for me, if I get tired of it all gussied up I happen to have another plain lampshade just in case.

Now if you noticed the Valentine fabric in the background, I just received it today.  I ordered this 1.5 yards of fabric about 1.5 months ago from England, and it just arrived.  I love when I order something, and it takes so long that you forget you ordered it, and then it's like a surprise in the mail.  Unfortunately, I had planned on doing some Valentine goodies with it and it didn't arrive in time.  Here's some piccy's of it anyway, and who's to say I can't make something for next year..........right?  Click on the piccy for larger image

Aint it just the cutest stuff ever?????

I also thought I'd show you something I made about six months ago.  My friend Sandy of "521 Lakestreet" told me a few times I should post about this little hanger I made to display a sweet little baby outfit.  Sandy couldn't believe that I made this hanger using the top piece of a cigar box, and a decal I got (once again from England) and the metal hook part from a vintage hanger.  I bought the dress from Diane at "Saturday Finds", the under slip I bought at a local antique store last week, and needed a way to display them.  Check it out:

I drew a pattern on a top piece of a cigar box, and cut it
out using a scroll saw.  I then painted, sanded and dis-
stressed the piece and then inked it for age.   I had a set
of decals, in different sizes that I purchased from England,
and applied one to each side of the hanger.  I  then
sprayed it with polyurethane sealer as a finish.

Close up

Finished display

Now, sometime in the future I might make some of these to sell, so if you're interested let me know and I'll try to keep a list of folks to notify when I finally get a-round tuit!

That's it for today folks.  Thanks for stopping by.

Big Hugs,


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So sorry to hear about your knee :( I loveeeeeee the lamp and the hanger!!! You are sooooooo creative!

agravette said...

i love your lamp and the sweet hanger! you are so creative and talented!

busymartha said...

Meri, love your post, sorry to hear about your knee. The material is absolutely stunning!

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh hon so sorry to hear about your knee!!! Try and stay off it and let it heal.
On another note your lamp and hanger really put a smile on my face. Both are just precious. Glad to see your getting some creative time in.
Hugs Lynn

vivian said...

Glad to see you this morning and so sorry about your knee! LOVE the little hanger. How stinking cute it is! and the bunny lampshade as well. I was playing with a lampshade this week too and my last post has pics of it if you want to see.
I hope you have a wonderful Pain FREE day!

Kim K. said...

I'm so sorry to read about your knee. Ouch. Your lampshade is just delightful. I love all the unique embellishments. Darling hanger too. I'm glad you managed to squeeze in some creative inspiration despite all your pain. said...

Well dern it, Mary, I sure hope your knee's feeling better today! Your reimagined lamp shade is TO DIE! Sooooo gorgeous!


My Vintage Mending said...

Oh crap I didn't check my reader before bed and I adore that sweet little hanger course you knew I would. What am I number 77 now? Cannot believe you made that. Love that contrast of the oh so perfect base and the collage top. Fantastic. Honey I can get you a walker with some of those awesome tennis ball feet or better yet if you get a razzy you have to promise to let me ride in the basket. Keep going this is just getting better...smiles...Renee

gail said...

Hi Meri,,, I am so sorry to hear about more knee problems. Its got to be so hard. You take care:) I love the lamp shade re-do, just adorable. The hanger is over the top cute too.
You have a great week and I hope you and your sweet Mom are doing well! (()) Gail

Nan said...

Knees they were not made for the treatment we tend to give them. We really have to be good to our knees. I have one that acts up too but nothing like yours is doing and right now it's in the pink and I'm back to normal at the gym with all the knee workouts. I love what you did with that cute lamp shade and the hangar too I adore those. I've often thought of getting out some of my little girl patterns (from my daughter) and making something up using real tatting. Have no one to give that too but maybe I could sell it to the right person who would appreciate it. Take care.

Carolyn said...

I'm sorry to hear about your knee troubles, but I'm glad you are doing a little better. That hanger is just darling, love the lamb. I would definitely buy one.


Angela said...

Oh my what cuteness! I'm sorry to hear about your knees - ouchie! My mom is on her 3rd knee replacement surgery but only because of her doctor doing partials and not total knees. She's recovering so much better this time after a spinal block - I really admire her knee surgeon I think he's the best! Praying you'll heal up quick. Hugs

donna said...

Boy I am so sorry about your knee. Hope you feel better soon. Your lamp shade is just to cute. I have one like that but I was not sure how to cover it. Your little hanger is so sweet and the little dress just complete's it.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Love that lamp! Well done. I do hope your are better soon.

I will have to use that Boston Terrier image as two members in our family have sweet dogs.

Girl I need positive, happy thoughts on Thursday (March 1) around 1:30pm. We are preparing for battle...ugh.

Diane Mars said...

Wow you are some talented lady! I love your style the lamp shade is just precious, I'm not sure I would tire with it. I know it would put a smile on my face each time I used it!
I sure hope your knee starts behaving.. I have a bad knee but no way as bad has yours sounds... please continue to do your crafting it is always a joy to see what you are up to!I think you are in need of one of my bunnies to cheer you up. Stop and take a peek tell me what color you want ox, Diane