Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Goodies and a special treat for a little girl

Hi Friends,

I participated in a spring/Easter swap through the lovely "Sue loves cherries" and my partner was Aledia of "Plum Perfect."  We contacted each other, found out our likes and here's the goodies she sent me:

Lovely round flower decorated boxes with goodies inside.

There's a chocolate bunny behind a little notebook
(but he melted...hey I live in AZ)!  There's a nice fat pen
(for my crappy hands), a huge clothespin, a strawberry bag,
cookie cutters, flower seeds, a birdie, and so much more!

A lovely card from Aledia, and I think she made it, too!

Green velour and yellow satin fabric.

Believe it or not, this is a bag!!!!

Here it is opened on the table.

and here I am holding it's a little
wrinkled, but still will be handy.  I've attached
it to my purse as a last minute shopping

Here's the huge clothespin/memo holder
I received some lovely goodies, and I want to thank Aledia again for being my swap partner.  I also wish to thank Sue for hosting this swap.  Aledia is out of town at the moment, but please check her blog in a few days to see what I sent her (

Now, here's some more lovely goodies from my dear sweet friend Renee at "My Vintage Mending."  Her and I love to send goodies back and forth just for the heck of it....kind of a perpetual swap.  She made me some very pretty sewn items....she's SEW darn talented!

Just look at the plethora of lovelies!!!!

There's lot's of vintage ephemera cards, and just check out
those vintage game pencils.  They would have been used to
write your score on your little bridge Talley's or maybe even
filling in dance cards with gentleman's names.

Check out this gorgeous piece of vintage
linen and it's lovely embroidery.

I'm so fortunate to receive not just one
handmade lovely.........

but three!!!  Including one of her wondrous
Easter bags.

Here's a close-up of a kitchen towel detail.

And last, but not least.....who can resist this
yummy pink pocket with it's dainty, embroidered
handkerchief corner?  NOT ME....I'm
pretty giddy!

I so love my blogland friends, but it's so much more special when you find that person that gets you, like the sister from another mother, or kindred spirit.......yes, that's Renee.  I just know that someday we'll get together and craft until our hands are numb!

Here's a special little treat I had fun doing for a little next door neighbor girl.  Her name is Addy and she is the only girl in a family of four children.........yes, that's right, she's got 3 brothers'..........yikes!

Anyhoo, her mom and dad had a garage sale, as they have since moved a little further away, and a friend of Addy's mom was in on the sale as well.  This friend had a dollhouse bookcase that was painted white with a pink roof......and that's it!  Well, I saw it and immediately wanted to play with it and fix it up, but I didn't want to keep it.  Addy's mom and I brainstormed and decided that she'd buy if from her friend for Addy, and I'd fix it up.  This way, I got to play with glue, paper, wood and paint, but not anymore objects to find a place for in my overcrowded house.  I didn't take a picture before, but just imagine it being completely plain.....and then I did this to it:  Click on images for a larger look!

Here's the playroom, and I basically used only things I already
had at home, such as paint, wooden boxes, scrapbook paper,
chipboard cut-outs, etc.

Here's the bedroom.  I made a padded headboard bed out of
cigar boxes, foam for a mattress and pretty fabrics for a covering
and fuzzy pillows with pink ribbons.  I also made the chandelier
out of bits and bobs of wooden pieces I had on hand, and a
bit of chain, wire and some beads.  The candles are bamboo
skewers with little bits of black necklace lace for "wicks" and
then I painted them pink....of course.  My daughter Abby and
I included a couple of Barbie furnishings as well.

This is the living room, and I only put a little bench in there
as I think she should add her own furnishings, too.  I made the
window here and in the kitchen from little wooden window
picture frames I found at Goodwill last year.  I also added
carpet pieces from leftover carpet samples for our house.

In this bathroom is the only item I ended up buying....the
small wooden box that makes up the toilet.  I had larger wooden
boxes (the sink base is made from the lid of one such box), but
nothing small enough for a toilet.  I went to Hobby Lobby and
found this much smaller wooden box, cut a hole in the lid
and .....voila' I have a toilet base with an actual opening lid!

Here's the kitchen with an eat-in nook.

This is the left wall in the kitchen with cute
little decorations and a clock.

I made this fridge out of two wooden craft
boxes stacked and made handles out of bent
copper wire I had.

This is the fridge open.  I put little magnets
in the doors and also made little shelves,
just like a real one!!!!!

Here's the sink and stove/oven.  I made these using the same
kind of wooden boxes as the fridge, and I just happened to have
some small plastic toy pots & fortunate.  The sink
is the bottom half of a wooden box with the lid removed, and
turned over where I glued a small cardboard box on top to
create the sink part.  I used a lot of chipboard decor from various
scrapbook collections on the walls (i.e. the canisters and
flowers on the fridge).  The floor was tiled using four different
types of scrapbook paper glued down and then Mod Podged
over for easy cleanup when playing.

This is the "craft/sewing room."

On the right wall of the sewing room I used
chipboard decor that says "Sew Sweet."

On the opposite wall of the sewing room
I created shallow shelves and a desk
complete with a chipboard sewing machine!

Here's the lovely little Addy with her new dollhouse
already in her bedroom.  Everyone loved it, even her
brothers, and her mom told me they've had so many
"quiet" hours of brotherly and sisterly playing.
How cool is that?

Whew!  This is a large post, but hey life has been busy.  I hope all is well with you my lovely friends!

Big Hugs,


Sandy said...

That doll house is awesome! I can just see how much fun you had with it! I just sent off my box for my swap partner, and she is just sending mine, so hope to show it next week....I promise I plan on coming over one of these days....honest! :) Sandy

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This was a fun post to read and the doll house just blows me away! It is beyond awesome! Just perfect for this special girl! Have fun!

Cheryl said...

Oh Meri....
What a giving heart you have! The time you put into that doll house shows your true spirit. What a lovely person you are indeed :-)
big hugs,

My Vintage Mending said...

O..o..oo...I want to live next door. That is an awesome doll house. Any little girl would swoon over that. You are so generous. You know you don't have to give me a shout out. I just love sending you some sweet goodness. That cute strawberry is just like the candy one I take to estate sales....smiles...Renee

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

I agree, you are so kind to make that doll house so awesome!
Nice gifts too.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love your happy mail... and OMYGOSH!!! That doll house is AMAZING!! I loveeeeeeeeee what you did with it!!! GORGEOUS!!

Tammy's in Love said...

WOW! That's a lot of goodies, too bad you couldn't spread out the fun a little longer!


Kim K. said...

You lucky lucky lady. So many lovely goodies have to come to your house. You deserve to be spoiled.

You and I both have a thing for dollhouses. I'm completely smitten with what you did. It's just delightful. I love playing with Josie's dollhouse (maybe more than Josie).


vintage grey said...

What wonderful treasures you have received!! Love all the sweet gifts from Miss Renee!! :) That doll house is amazing! I wish I had one like that growing up! Great job!! :) xo Heather

Lynn said...

Wow, the doll house is amazing! I can tell by her smile that she loved her doll house!
You got wonderful swap goodies from your friends.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I actually laughed out loud when I read your comment. Oh how I wished I was OCD. But I have a worse problem than ADD and being's called "pride". If I weren't so prideful, then I would Post those "keeping it real" photos like others do from time to time.
However, one time I got can see it here and have a good laugh. : )
Thanks for stopping by, Meri. : )
Mary Lou

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Hey girl up already? I thought I was the only one joining the chickens in the morning.

Love the story about your son. I had a boyfriend in High School whose b day was/is today. I never have been one to make a "fool" of people.

Jenny said...

Love your surprises! Love your treats! This is wonderful!

Marydon said...

Oh, Meri, what wonderful gifts you received. Love LOVE that purse, too stinkin' cute!! The doll house is just fabulous, I love all the detail. Amazing!

Have a beautiful & blessed Easter ~
Marydon said...

Wow, look at all that lovely loot! You're a lucky, loved lady:)


Little Susie Home Maker said...

You sure a blessed! Great swap. I love the doll house. I always wanted one. I love that you put a sewing craft room!

Aledia said...

I just loved being your swap partner and I look forward to keeping in touch and getting to know you more.

I have posted about the swap and here is the link

Thank You again and I hope you had a fabulous Easter!! Much love and Hugs!