Wednesday, June 20, 2012

5 year Blog Anniversary Giveaway

Hello all you wonderful followers,

For all intents and purposes......I'm back!  It's been an intense journey, and it's not over yet.  I want to thank all you beautiful people that sent me well wishes, prayers, and kept me in their thoughts.  It truly made a difference and kept my spirits way up.  I still have some medical issues to address, and I'm still very weak, but I'm getting stronger every day!  15 years of very strong narcotics can take an incredible toll on your system, and to be honest with all of you..........all, and I mean all the stress and pain I went through last year caring for my critically ill mother was a piece of cake compared to what I just went through.

I hope and pray that I am able to manage my pain without medication, but I'm not foolish enough to think that I won't ever go back on some level of pain medication.......I just won't ever get off of it again!!!!!

So much has happened in the past month, and I unfortunately cannot share it all in this post, but I hope to give you glimpses in the near future.

NOW, here's the fun stuff:

I would like to get comments on this post from anyone wanting a personalized, hand sculpted creation from me.

I want to hear as much about you as you are willing to tell me, what kind of crafting do you do, are you a housewife or do you work, and I would love to hear a compelling reason why I should pick you to be my winner.  I've always relied on a number picker to pick my winners, but this time, I wanna' hear why you are the one.  I told you it was gonna' be spectacular!  

This is very different for me, and since it's my last sculptural giveaway of the year, I wanted it to be especially special!

In addition to your own custom sculpture, depending on what I learn about my winner, they will also receive extra goodies meant just for them.  It could be a lot of scrapbooking stuff, a lot of vintage fabric, or whatever!

So let me hear from you, and I will also accept emails at, should you wish to keep it private, or really long!  

I will announce a winner on the first day of July, and please make sure I have a way of contacting all of you, should you win.

Best of luck to you all, and thank you all again from the bottom of my heart!

God Bless,


Shirley Hatfield said...

Welcome back, Meri! Your posts have always brightened my day. I would so much love to win your giveaway, but there are so many other bloggers who have been your faithful supporters for years...I just discovered you last fall. I don't feel deserving. Thank you for sharing your life and...sometimes pain with us. May God bless you as you work on the pain management. {{{hugs}}}

My Vintage Mending said... glad you made it through the rough stuff. I know it can be difficult. Lots of love and thoughts for you. Now I and the lucky recipient of many of you sweet gifts so I will allow someone else to win this beautiful piece but I will still be green with envy. Smiles...Renee

Kim K. said...

Please know that you've been on my mind. I can't even imagine how hard these last few months have been. I semi-understand working through health issues with my recent foot surgery and ongoing recovery, but I didn't have the volume of pain that you've endured. Sending you extra hugs, my very talented crafty friend!!

Mimi said...

I cannot remember if I got to your PARIS post or not...we left about half way through the commenting week and I did not get through the list....I apoligize if I missed yours!!!So happy you are back to blogging and back on the road to recovery.
God Bless you
oh I am a Housewife, Mom, and Mimi...I would say I do not craft...but photograph is my thing as is my family!!

Pixie said...

so glad you have come out the other side! i could go on about my mother's own struggles with illness and prescription meds, but I would hate to dwell. Just know that I am thrilled to know you are back at it!

You know about, crafter, painter, junker, lover of all things cute. Living in England for four years now. I would love to have something from you as a reminder of al the lovely blogging friends I have back home. Besides i never win anything!


Shirley Hatfield said...

Thank you for the sweet email...I think we are all a little shy when it comes to promoting ourselves. I'm a career stay-at-home mom. My kids are grown. Now I run a "boarding house" for a 50+ sister and two adult daughters. I'm an eclectic crafter...paper, paper mache, vintage repurposing, quilting...the list is long. I can be lazy, but lately I've had a surge of craftiness. =D Thank you for convincing me to come back and tell a little about myself. You are such a sweetheart!

Jenny said...

I love you Meri!

I'm so glad you're finding a way through this. I can't even imagine this horrible journey...your spirit, though, is always so strong!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I'm glad you are back... and so sorry that you have been dealing with all the pain....been thinking about you!!

Hmmmmmm... I have always loved your creations... you know that!! I think you are insanely talented and I would be honored to have one of your sculptures in my home!!! I have a new house now... way excited -- filling it with new decor... and I am thinking a sculpture with some RED in it would be perfect for my kitchen that has bits of red here and there!!

Redhead Sadie said...

Miss Meri Darling, I am commenting on here not on my own behalf, but for a mutual friend of ours who shall remain ADORABLY anonymous. I hope you know who I mean. She has had one helacious time of it this year as we know, and so my entry is not for me, but for her.

I miss you and love you to pieces, and wish we weren't so far apart so I could get to know you better in person! I'd love to sit and craft with you like we did last year with the other girls!!

So if you should decide to pick me as a winner, I want to direct your sculpting energies to another sweet lovely lady who could really use a huge dose of love and creative magic right about now.

Capiche? :-D
Much love,
Miss Jenny

Jennifer Bontrager said...

Meri, I am so glad you are back. Sorry for the painful journey that you have gone through and hope it gets better soon.
I have been more of a quiet follower for a little while here. I have always admired your work but have been shy about entering your drawings. But I figured that it would be nice to get to know you.I live in the Midwest and am a stay-at-home mom to one adorable 2 year old little girl. Above all I love my Lord and going to church. I also enjoy reading, antiquing,and cooking. As far as crafting goes I enjoy cross stitching, a little sewing, and just handicrafts in general. I am an avid collector and have many collections. My favorite thing to collect is vintage Strawberry Shortcake items. I am a child of the 80s and nothing makes me smile more then scoring a sweet SSC find. I also collect vintage baby items, vintage dolls, cute vintage cards, vintage kids books,cute vintage hallmark books, and in general just anything that is old, cute, and makes me smile. My husband is very tolerant of all the cutenss and I really appreciate that. Well I hope that helps you to know me a little better. I have really enjoyed your recent posts about your craft room and hope you continue to post more pictures. I looke forward to owning your little red gingham dog creation and will be making my first payment soon. Thanks

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Happy 5th Blob Birthday!
That is great news that you are not taking any pills. May God bless and keep you pain free...
You know that I love a great buy! Garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores have loads of treasures,"the thrill of the hunt"!
I have Jack Russell dogs that bring me smiles everyday. I'm a Grandma to one, maybe my only one!
I have a couple "part time" jobs that give me my "pin money"! I so admire your work! I would love and treasure one of your pieces and think one of my Sweet Pea would be priceless. Ilove the Lord and BELIEVE in the power of Prayer! I'm believing my family will be saved/choose Christ.
I love blogging. I may spend too much time in blogland. However, the gals that I have "met" are wonderful. Very generous, supportive and feel like "real friends"!
Thank you for having another awesome and personal giveaway of one of your keepsake creations!

gail said...

Hi Meri,, I a so happy to hear you are doing better, and I miss ya girl. I would love to get together sometime. I have been in this super "starting over" thing and the growing pains are hard. Things are settling down for me as well and I am dying to get back into creating. I want to get back to what I love and that is my Art dolls and Mohair Teddy Bears. I am a Mom and Grandma. I still have furry kids at home. I am what I refer to as a "cat collector". While daily life can be hard, I believe I am very blessed and love my friends!
Have a great weekend (()) Gail

Perfectly Printed said...

Wow, you were right this is a different kind of giveaway..well, I am the mother of 5 girls, married for 33 years to my best friend, Mr. Math, and he teaches high school...he encourages me in my treasure hunting, blogging and crafting. I am an only child who with the help of my family took care of both my dad and mom until they passed away. I understand how hard it is to take care of an elderly parent. I will be a nana for the first time this summer and I can't wait!! I work fulltime for a medical company, that builds a piece of medical equipment that fights cancer...a lot of hard work but very rewarding. I have a wonderufl circle of friends who celebrate our friendship by getting together a few times year. I volunteer at my church. I have been blogging for about a year and love it!! I have made some great friends in blogland!!
Well, that'a enough about glad you're feeling better!!

Thanks for hosting a fun giveaway!


Creative Breathing said...

Meri, I'm so glad to see a post from you today! You have inspired me with your ability to create under the conditions of pain that you live with hourly. Continued success on your journey. Elizabeth

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How exciting! I've enjoyed your blog and your wonderful images that you share...for a long time! Love your special creations. I don't know if I could convince anyone that I deserve something so special. I have been very blessed in my life. I raised 4 sons and they are all grown now. I did without many of the girly things when they were growing up so now I love it all...dolls and stuffed toys and pretty things for myself. I love to sew and my goal this summer has been to do an art journal so I have been gathering little mementos and pretty things to include in it. I am retired...but I work all the time! And I LOVE life and hum all day long! Thanks for your fun blog and your sweet friendship! Hugs, Diane

Valarie Kraft said... always share so much of yourself with all of us. I don't always comment, but you are always in my thoughts. I am a proud Mom of 2 amazing men. My oldest son is getting married this Saturday!! It is such a joy, because 7 months ago my husband of 17 years (2nd marriage...thought it would last forever) asked me for a divorce. I have not experienced pain like you, but everyday I struggle to be a good mom, and rise above my circumstances. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful giveaway.
xxoo Valarie
Oh, and I craft with anything that glitters!!!

Creative Breathing said...

Doing the Happy Dance here! I am beyond happy to receive another piece of your art. Your heart for me is my all time favorite! E said...

Hi Meri. I'm just now reading about your giveaway ~ been emersed in quite a medical "mess" with my sister; I'm out from FL in CA and am woefully behind in reading my fave blogs!

I'm always so happy to read that you're soldiering on in your journey to get healthy. I can only imagine the heights of your pain and wince for you! Sending prayers your way for speedy relief and healing, dear lady:)