Monday, July 23, 2012

My reward for being a good girl

Howdy All,

Yes, I've been a pretty good girl lately, well it's hard to get in trouble when your recovering....right?  I'm getting better every day, but you better believe I wish I could send some of our monsoon wetness to you folks in the mid-west.

Well, I've got most of my "friendship" swap banners done and ready to send out.  I made them a little more labor intensive than I expected, but hopefully you ladies that I'm trading with will enjoy them....and yes, you can play with them!

There's a short history of "ImagiMeri's Creations" on the back, as well.

This next little dachshund is headed over to my friend Lynn Spencer of "life on the weinee ranch."  She asked me quite some time ago, and I reworked him three different times after I got off my medication because he didn't look right to me.  I think he's awful cute now, and she just loves red, white and blue.  Check her blog out in a few days to see if she posts about him/her.

Here we are to some of my goodies.....from my best ever husband!  He got me this while I was still detoxing, and I wasn't able to use it until recently when I made my banners.  It's a Silhouette Cameo cutting system.....OMGosh it's soooo coool and easy to use.

He even got me the design studio version so that I can design my own goodies to cut out.

I used it to cut out my banners, my inserts, little shapes for decoration, and I even cut out all of Sandy's banners (521 Lakestreet) as she wanted to see it in action and hasn't hooked hers up yet.

Folks, I tell ya, this machine is amazing and made this project so much easier.  I also got these adorable little Lefton "sweet miss" wall almost mint condition, too!

Don't they just look perfect with this collection......gosh I love this stuff.

Well that's it for now folks, take care and don't let the weather get to you.



Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Oh Meri! Those Sweet Miss wall pockets are darling! I'm wondering if they are Holt Howard???
Your Wiener Dog is amazing! You are so talented!
Boy do we share the same love of vintage cute images and stuff! :)
Have a great evening,

Perfectly Printed said...

The wall pockets are darling!!! I love the colors!! I will need to look into the cutting system it looks pretty cool!! I understand the weather, I'm with my daughter in Atlanta and this California girls is not used to this type of weather!!

My Vintage Mending said...

Oooo...ahhh...just finished off my banners and I am nearly ready to mail them although they don't look near as great as yours. I can't believe you got that great toy you must have been a fabulous girl. I love your lepton finds...your shelf is dreamy...smiles..Renee

My Vintage Mending said...

Um...I forgot how wonderful that weinee dog is. Lynn is going to love it. Your work is amazing. Smiles...Renee

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhh I want that toy!!!! how awesome you got it!! I love love love love the banner pieces and that doggy is just adorable!!!!!


AWESOME reward!!!! Love the pocket girls. Haven't seen any like that before!
Also LOVE the puppy for Lynn! You do wonderful work!
I hope you rec'd my tag. Yours are amazing!!!

Kim K. said...

Lynn is going to absolutely love your special wiener dog. Absolutely precious. Your Lefton "sweet miss" wall pockets are just perfect. I really love them. I just mailed your friendship banner this afternoon. I spent yesterday working on it. A little hint about the banner...a vintage doll dress with tiny clothes pins is coming your way. I had so much fun working on it. Hugs!

busymartha said...

Love your vignette, adorable! Your creations are beautiful as ever Meri, hugs Marilyn.

Tammy's in Love said...

Oh a Johnny Jump up doll! YEA! I'm so happy to swap with you Miss Meri! I am in awe of those machines; it's gonna make your crafting so much fun!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

As always your creations are amazing!

Please send me your mailing address as I want to snail mail an invite for a soiree in August. :)

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

A banner to play with! So fun and so you, Meri!

I love your litte collection/display! ♥

Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

Wonderful stuff you have here Meri. That is a really interesting machine. I never saw anything like it.

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

I am glad you are behaving. I almost can't believe it's true, but I will take your word for it. That machine looks incredible, almost scary like I wouldn't know how to even begin using it. I have seen those Lefton little girls here and there and they were too expensive, but oh how I love them. Someday I am going to find them just sitting on a shelf or wall waiting for me at a price I can swing and I will grab them up!! I am having trouble putting your button on my blog, I need to have Keren do it for me. Each time I do it ends up just scrambled up text, so I am officially a moron. Have a wonderful week, and take care of yourself!!!

Flora said...

AHHH Meri, your blog always brings a smile to my face, Your creativeness knows no bounds!!!

NanE said...

OOOh, you lucky girl I have wanted one of those machines but I keep sitting on the fence! Your banner is so cute and the wiener dog perfect! TFS, Nan

LBP said...

That weiner dog is sooooo cute! She is going to just love it. Your banners are amazing! Interactive banners, so creative. I am in awe of these banners I am seeing. I am keeping mental notes for banners to make for Halloween and Christmas... I am so blesses to be part of this community of creative women!