Friday, November 16, 2012

The Ladies and their creations

Howdy ya'll,

Here are the ladies and their spectacular wreaths.  It was such a fun day, especially for me as I got to see lots of wonderfully creative ladies workin' away.  They were a joy to watch, and each and every wreath turned out gorgeous, yet different.  That's the exciting thing about having so many different people involved, you get to see each persons approach to design and then the finished product turns out so unique.  My mom used to teach watercolor painting and she enjoyed the same experiences with her students, so that must be where I got it from.

This is Gail from "Cupcakes and cute stuff"
She used dollar store ornaments, but you'd
never know it as it turned out gorgeous.

This is my youngest sister Jen of "Dog-ma Jen"
Her wreath was a lovely asymmetrical beauty
out of blues, greens and silvers.

This is the amazingly talented Joanne
She literally used all "feather" tree
mini ornaments on her wreath, which
gave it such a pixish feeling and of course
it is adorned with the cutest little pixie, too.

Julie is one of the most prolific crafters I've ever known
and she makes a lot of her scrapbook layouts about
her family and children.  She used many ornaments of
sentimental value.  She had ornaments that her mother had
decorated, and ornaments from her husbands childhood.
I happen to adore her daughter Brookie, and look forward to seeing
everything Julie makes, which she shares on her blog.

This is my adorable, dear friend Laura
She created such a lovely, joyous wreath.
She also brought along a few gifts for me,
she is so amazing, and I'll post piccy's
in the next couple of weeks on what she
made for'll love it....I do!

This is my older sister Lin.  She does not have a blog,
but we allowed her in anyway....LOL
Her wreath turned out as a lovely autumnal
look with red, rust, gold and gorgeous jewel
tones of emerald green.

Here is Loretta of "short and sweet"
She persisted, despite a few broken ornaments,
to create a tribute wreath for her mother. It turned 
out stunning and would make any mother proud.
Loretta is from the same hometown that my
mother is from, so they had a lovely time
chatting it up and probably making themselves
homesick, to boot.

This is the lovely Melissa, owner of
the "Scrapbook Barn" a local scrap booking
and mixed media store here in Gilbert.  She
started off with a tiny low temp, glue gun, which
wasn't cuttin' the mustard.  One of the ladies
offered up their glue gun and Melissa was
able to finish her wreath.  It turned out so
lovely....just like her.

Here is Rhona, who also does not currently
have a blog, but not to worry, we might have
convinced her to start one...let's hope!  Her
wreath was gorgeous.  Very autumnal, also. 
She was a delight to meet, and I loved watching
her create her piece.....she's very talented.

Last, but certainly not least, is my dear friend
Sandy of "521 Lakestreet."  She went to town
creating this wreath, and it turned out as adorable
as she is.  This was her first attempt, as it was
for many of the ladies, and she had a lot
of fun creating it.

A few ladies were not able to make it due to illness or family issues, and they were sorely missed.  One of those lovely ladies was CeeKay of "Thinkin of Home" who is battling ovarian cancer.  I've got a button at the top left of my blog which will take you to Laura's link to her shop where she is currently selling ornaments to raise money for a trip for CeeKay.  I do hope you'll visit and take the opportunity to help out a dear blogging friend.  Since CeeKay was not able to come, I will be making her a wreath, as I know she really wanted to attend.

I want all the ladies who were not able to attend, to know that you are in my prayers and I'm sending out warm healing hugs to you all.

Next up, I will be posting "candid" images of the party fun, so stick around!



Tammy's in Love said...

Miss Meri! You are the bestest blog buddy to open up your Christmasy home and have a a hot glue extravaganza! Thanks so much for showing all the different 'spins' on the ornament wreath!

A Vintage Fairy said...

Beautiful Wreaths! I know you guys had a blast!

Dorothy said...

Oh, what lovely ladies and lovely wreaths! Looks like everyone really enjoyed making them. I enjoyed looking at them! That is so sweet that you are making a wreath for your friend Ceekay. Prayers go out to her,

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Oh I'm so glad I was able to view this post! My Internet has been giving me fits and I wasn't able to view your tutorial when I tried the other day.

All the wreaths turned out wonderful and I love all the peeks of your crafting area! I look forward to the next post as it was fun to see all the girls, too.

Thanks for hosting this wonderful event for the ladies, Meri! ♥

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Everyone's turned out AMAZING!!!! I had so much fun at your house!! I just loved EVERYONE and what a wonderful time it was!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish You Were Here said...

They are all beautiful, Meri! It's so sweet of you to host these events. I do hope I can attend next time. xxxx, Janice

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I am so glad I can now place the face with the blog name. :)

I have hung the wreath in my guest bedroom. It seems as though my parents vintage ornaments wanted to hang out with my moms paintings.

Thank you my friend for the link.

vintage grey said...

All of their wreaths are gorgeous!! Looks like it was a wonderful and crafty day! Will be keeping CeeKay in my prayers!! Have a beautiful weekend! xo Heather

Kim K. said...

What a neat group of talented ladies. Looks like everyone really enjoyed making their wreaths. So many pretty variations. I hope you are still recovering nicely from your special gathering. Hugs.

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

So many vintage goodness in one room! They all look so pretty!! :) Hope you have a great weekend! xo Holly

Sandy said...

It's fun to see all of the wreaths again! That was such a wonderful day and everyone was so great!!!!! Thank you again for hosting this fun fun get together!

RetroSandie said...

Oh WOW!! I am impressed with all of the different wreaths the ladies made. Just gorgeous and what awesome keepsakes. Isn't that the wonderful thing about crafting - all are doing the same thing, but the talents all lend such different creations!! I have wanted one of these wreaths ever since I first saw GeorgiaPeachez. I got a lot of stuff last year to make one, but never did. Maybe this will inspire me to actually do it!! Bravo Ladies!!!!!

Hugs to all!!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Oh my what gorgeous wreaths! I love how each wreath is so unique. What a fun day that must of been. Looking forward to more photos. I will be praying for your friend Ceekay.


Createology said...

The proud smiles on each lady is proof that this wreath making day was a huge success and tons of fun. Each one lovely. Prayers and Healing Hugs for CeeKay. Blissful Creating...


Each one is so AWESOME!!! I love their little name tags too! Looks like so much FUN and lots of great keepsakes!

Perfectly Printed said...

Everyone of the wreaths is amazing!! The different size ornaments, and fun!! So nice of you to host!!


My Vintage Mending said... I have to go and make one of these and it won't be nearly as cute...I wish I could have been there in the middle of all this sweet madness...Meri you are the bestest...smiles..Renee

Fran said...

Wow, what a lovely array of wreaths! I'm looking forward to your candid photos. You are a wonderful friend to make Ceekay a wreath! I was able to follow your link to Laura's blog and make a donation for Ceekay's trip...I hope she has a wonderful time with her family at Disneyland. :)

Nan said...

Your tut below is fanstatic and all the work the ladies did what a fun day for them!

Jacqueline said...

How fun! Hi Joanne! I love them all and they inspire me to fire up the glue gun and get busy!

Jenny said...

Oh Meri! You surely made this a merry event for all!

What lovely creations!

And where's your wreath?

Next week.

No company.

Time to exhale.

And we're both going to be feeling good from all that turkey. I AM INKING YOU INTO MY CALENDAR!

hee hee!

SueLovesCherries said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Thanks for the tutorial, too!

Stampindamour said...

Meri - these are fantastic! I love seeing the different ladies with their creations! I bet it was fun! ;)


Lynn Stevens said...

All the ladies did such a wonderful job on their wreaths. Looks like such fun!!! looking forward to those candid shots! LOL
Hugs Lynn