Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine Freebies!

Hi Folks,

Well, we're starting the process of moving mom into her new apartment this weekend.  She's both excited and scared, as it's a new adventure for her.  The job of sifting through her possessions is going to be extremely tedious as she's a collector.  First we have to move over the essentials for her to start living in her new place, and then we'll deal with what is left behind at a later date.

My husband has been doing phone interviews, as well as in person, and he's even had a couple of offers........which include a move out of state........not gonna' happen!  We're not a young couple that can just move at the drop of a hat.  Things have to be done with careful planning which addresses our not too distant retirement, our health, and our youngest which is still in high school.  However, at this time his prospects are looking fairly decent, so we'll keep our fingers crossed and pray for something that will be a good fit for us.

As I mentioned last week, here are some more Valentines, both originals and cleaned up versions.  In addition there are a few at the end of this post that I have created for you:

And here's a few I made for you:

If you decide to use any of the buttons I created, I would appreciate a mention as to where you got them.  There's more to come!

Big Hugs,

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Changes in Life........once again!

Howdy folks,

Well just when you get all excited about a new year, and new possibilities, things change!  My husband came home yesterday, early, after being fired from his job of 7 years.  No explanation, no severance, nothing.....not even a goodbye or thanks for building this company into the number one, fastest, data transfer company in the world......just nothing.

We're in our 50's, and contrary to all the current thinking that 50 is the new 30 (bullpoopy), it's not getting any easier.  Somehow there are people out there that have these massive, disposable incomes and like to buy and sell companies for fun.  They don't know business, they don't know how to manage, they don't know much of anything except that they've got money to burn and we don't. 

Well, enough of that......
During the holidays I had a few orders, and I thought I'd share a couple of them with you.  This local gal wanted a unique gift for her husband and her daughter, and what's better than a permanent sculptural reminder of a beloved pet?  The first sculpt is of a dog that is no longer around, however, he was the "soul-dog" of this lady's husband.  I worked from a photograph they had of "Scout" when he was running around a lake they used to visit, and someone had put some "goggles" on him.  It was a very humorous picture and she thought her husband would love a reminder of his past pet.  Here's Scout:

Scout stands about 6" tall, and he's a Chesapeake Bay retriever.
Do you see the goggles on him?

This next one is of a dog they currently own, and his name is "Rocky."  Rocky was decorated one day in a little costume that had a headband with kitten ears on it, and a hot pink feather boa wrapped around his neck.  The daughter considers this her dog and loved the picture, so why not have a permanent version also.  Here's  Rocky:

Rocky is also about 6" tall and he's some sort of mix
breed, so they're not quite sure about his lineage.

The two together......pretty cute, eh?
I found out the week after Christmas that their new owners just loved them.  They were last seen being hauled around to various friends and family for inspection.

I'm currently working on a dachshund for the lovely Lynn over at "life on the wienee ranch."  I hope to have it done soon, but I'm currently in the middle of a move for my mother.

Yes, folks, we received some wonderful news about my mom.  She recently had another PET scan and a bunch of blood work done.  We met with her oncologist last week, and.................wonder of all wonders........her tumors have either stopped growing, and in some cases even shrunk a bit, and now unless new growth takes place, or there's new activity, she does not need to have anymore chemo at this time!  Needless to say, she is extremely grateful and has been chatting with God quite often.  We have found a place for her and it's really quite nice.  She will be renting a 700 s.f., one bedroom apartment in an adult community which is specifically for those wanting to live an independent life, yet have all the bells and whistles in the needs of the elderly.  She's very excited about it, and I'm very happy and excited for her.  We have begun the process of cleaning out her home and we're dealing with all the decisions of what to take, what to store and what to sell........which is exhausting considering all the crap goodies she's got!

Here's a couple of vintage Valentines to whet your appetite for more.  I'm including the original and a cleaned up version in a png format for those of you wishing to create digital crafts.

Please enjoy these, and keep an eye out for some that I will have created in the next week or so.  I am still working on creating new backgrounds for my blog, and I currently have two Valentine versions ready, I just need to pick one and load it.  Here are the two to choose from, maybe you all can help me decide.  Let me know which one you think I should load.

Here's Background #1 and Header #1

Here's Background #2 and Header #2

I know, I know, they're quite a different look for me, but I'm having a blast creating and I really wanna' try having a background and header for each holiday.  There will always be an aspect of silly and fun in my work, but I wanna' try different looks with that in mind as an overall theme.  Am I making any sense????

Anyway, that's it for now.  More goodies to come.........enjoy each day!

Big Hugs,

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My latest Giveaway has a new home!

Howdy Folks,

Since my latest creation made it to her new home, I can now share with you how she turned out.  Sue, from "Sue Loves Cherries" won my fall giveaway and she was asked to choose from a selection of graphics in which I would create a 3-D version for her.  She chose the adorable little girl (above) and asked if I could make her just a little more personal by changing her dress color to red and adding cherries on the front.

Well, here she is:

She stands about 17" tall!


Check out the cute, little
cherry buttons!
Yes, those are cherries
she's holding behind
her back.....who knew!

She's extremely happy to be in her new home.

So, whaddaya think?????  I think she's pretty damn darn cute, and I love her red dress with the cherries that Sue requested.  You might wanna' bop on over to Sue's blog to see what she thinks (teaser:  she kinda' really likes her!).

As I mentioned earlier, I will be cutting back my giveaways to only twice a year in anticipation of some possible new adventures happening this year.  I will be having a spring and fall giveaway this year, and the official posting to sign up on will be on March 20th, the actual first day of spring, so keep an eye out for that post in particular.

Very soon I will be posting some very cute vintage Valentines, and even a few new Valentine buttons that I will create just for all of you lovely people out there.  I love my followers, and try to thank you as often as possible with my freebies and sculpture giveaways.  So many times I wish I were wealthy enough to just make sculptures for all of you, but it's a business and I'm trudging along with my dreams, slow to grow income and passions for creating, just like all of you.  I try very hard to support other blog artists by signing up to follow, leaving comments, conversing through email, purchasing those items that make my heart giggle and that I can afford, and being available for questions and helping out with things that I can.

So often I wish I could just meet you all personally.........oh gosh what a fun get together that would be, and I keep hoping and praying the best for all of you and that maybe, just maybe someday, it will happen.

Here's hoping, and God Bless, 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone,

Well it's a new year, and although I've been extremely busy with family situations, I've got all kinds of "hoops" to jump through and I think it's gonna' be a better year than last year.  At least I hope and pray it is.

This year is going to bring all kinds of new and different experiences, ideas, and goodies for ya'll.  First of all, I'll be redecorating my blog for the new year, and I'll be working with the exceptionally talented Karen Valentine, of "My Desert Cottage" for this.  I'll be taking some lunch over to her house and crackin' the whip......just kidding........we'll be working together on it.  I've got so many ideas running around in my head, I'm probably going to wear her out.

Secondly, since last year was an exceptionally hard year for me and my mom, I will be cutting back my quarterly giveaways to twice a year.  With the orders I received, and the giveaways, taking care of my mom and my family, it was not my most productive year, I was exhausted and I've got some apologies to hand out. The lovely Sue over at "It's a very cherry world" was my fall giveaway winner, and I promised her sculpture would be delivered by Christmas.......guess what?  I screwed up big time!  With the extremely hard year, and trying to decorate for the holidays, her package was buried under all the boxes and wrappings I use to store my Christmas decorations.  I thought I had done good and got it mailed, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....I just found it and now I really need to send it out!  I was wondering why I hadn't heard anything from dense am I????  Big apology to you Sue, and your package will really be on the way this week.  I will post pictures when I know she has it, as I don't want to spoil the surprise...........even though we all know that this is the image she chose:

However, she requested that I change the dress to a red one with white cherries on the front, well, you'll all just have to wait and see it either on her blog or mine when she receives it.

I also promised Lynn over at "life on the wienee ranch" a sculpture of, what else, a wienee dog (dachshund), and I have yet to finish it.  It is almost done, and should be on it's way to her shortly.

Thirdly, this year is the year I hope to attend at least one big show, so I will be focusing on a new line of sculpts for the next Christmas/Winter Holiday season.  I will not be able to show you much through the year as I don't wish to have any of my creations copied.  They are totally different from what I've been doing and anything else out there, yet still vintage inspired, and I'm so freakin' excited!

I will also be doing some traveling and there's still my mothers health to contend with.  Here's an update on my mom:

She's doing much better and we hope to have her in an independent living facility very soon.  She can no longer live alone in her house about a half hour away, as it's in a very remote area and most of her doctors are right here in Gilbert or Mesa (Arizona), so it doesn't make sense to live that far away.  This facility is only a couple of miles down the same road my neighborhood is on, plus she'll have access to so many more amenities and services that she wouldn't have had otherwise.  She'll be in with tons of other folks her age and be able to participate in all kinds of activities........she's getting excited, too.  We should find out on or after the 16th with her visit to her oncologist, as to where we are in place for her chemo treatments. (Note to those suffering from chronic diarrhea- check into the diagnosis of microscopic colitis and the use of "Entecort" a.k.a. Budesonide.  It's very expensive, but stopped my mom's diarrhea quite quickly.)

As far as my traveling, well, I hope to go with my husband to Las Vegas in May (I've never been there.....really!)  I also plan to visit the ever wonderful Elizabeth (or E as we call her) of Creative Breathing in June, just for fun!  Then next fall I am planning on attending a holiday craft show in California, so all my sales this year will be going towards helping me achieve this goal.  In the next couple of weeks I will be posting new sculpts to my Etsy shop, and I'll alert you to this.

So as you can see, there is much to be accomplished......and so little time!  Watch out for all the Valentine goodies coming your way next month, and my spring giveaway in March.

Have a beautiful day, (it's in the 70's here) and may 2012 be the best year ever for all of you!