Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Swimming in ornaments

Hello folks,

Just stoppin' by to show you a couple of things.  I've been very busy with my setup for "Le Mysterieux Carnival" coming up on October 6th, so be sure to stop by then to see my post as well as all the other posts linked up for this event.

There's my bloggers luncheon on November 10th, and I've already got about 18 ladies signed up...whew, it's gonna' be fun.  I should be sending out an email with further information and a signup list for side dishes, desserts, and drinks the first week in October, so if you're signed up be expecting to hear from me soon.

I've been collecting many ornaments for this event, here's just a sampling of what I have.

It might not look like much, but this group here
is 8" deep....that's a lotta miniature ornaments!

These are the largest ones we'll be using and they are only
2" in diameter.  There's a few birdies in there, too.

This is one that I've already made, but larger.  The ones
we will be making are about half this size.

This is my other one........I just love all the colors!

My best buddy Sandy came over last Sunday to help me set up for Christmas.........yes, Christmas!  The luncheon is all about Christmas and this display always takes me hours to set up.  I am up and down a ladder constantly, which totally wears me out, and with Sandy's help I didn't have to get down as often.  She handed me the figurines and sparkly stuff.........she was a lot of help.........thank you good friend!

This ledge (pot shelf) is over 12 feet long!

You can't tell, but there's all kind of blinking lights, too!

The vintage Santa, to the right, is from Sandy.  He rotates and plays
music and even has his original box.

One of my Christmas Krinkles by Patience Brewster on the right.

Another Christmas Krinkle that I bought at Disneyland
back in 1998.

A set of vintage winking Santa salt and pepper shakers.  I bought
two sets recently and one is a gift for Sandy for helping me out.

My vintage salt and pepper shakers are visited by a little
snowman from Hobby Lobby, and some tinsel.

The little Miss vintage head vases get some sparkle, too!

Now because you've all been so patient through this's a few more graphics for ya.

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate your visits with me.  Don't forget to look up my October 6th post and check out all the other artists linked up to this event.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sneaky Peek of E's ornament swap

Merry Christmas.........shhhhh

Yes folks, it's already time to be thinking of Christmas......I know, I know, we haven't even had Halloween or Thanksgiving yet!

I'm showing a sneak peek of the ornaments I'm sending off to E from "Creative Breathing" for her ornament swap.

If you promise not to tell too many people, I've got some new Santa graphics for you...........shhhhh!

Have lot's of holiday fun!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Another break from cleaning

Howdy all,

I hope everyone is doing well.......Me???  I'm takin' another break from my re-organizing and cleaning.  Yes folks, the mess is that big!  I thought I'd show you the hat I'm sending off to my swap partner "Barb" in Vivians awesome Halloween Witch Hat Swap.  I started with a brown paper mache hat form from Michaels, and proceeded to cover it in fun Halloween paper.  I got some frayed streamers from Crafty Secrets and stitched a gathering stitch down the middle.  I then hand gathered the streamer into a fluffy garland that I then hot glued around the edge of the hat.  I printed out the moon and cat image on my photo paper, and added orange lace to the outside of the moon.  I glued the cat onto a small section of fencing that I got at Michaels, which I painted with Tim Holtz "picket fence" crackle paint.  I bought the topper at Michaels as well, and then glued on an ornament that says "the witch is in."

I don't have pictures of the underneath, but I covered the bottom of the brim with paper, as well, and created a gathered fabric lining for the interior.  The whole project probably took me an hour, but I think it turned out really cute.  I'll post images of what I get in the swap when I get it.  I'm sending a lot of other goodies along, and I hope my swap partner will show them off.

I've cleaned up a few more graphics for ya'll.

These next graphics are scans from a vintage women's magazine I have.  I just love all the vintage fashions, so I hope you can use these too.

This is another cleaned up graphic.......isn't it just adorable?

Have fun crafting, and please send me piccy's of anything you make with the graphics I give you, I'd love to see them.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Brief interruption of my re-organizing

Hello All,

I've been very busy with reorganizing my craft room, but I'm by no means done yet.  I've even had my good friend Sandy (of 521 Lakestreet) over a couple of times to help, as well as my oldest sister Lin.  I'm probably halfway done, and yes, it's a huge task.  I had a bloggers luncheon last year in April, right before all the troubles began with my mom, and it never really got cleaned up or organized since.  On top of all that, this has been an extremely wet, humid and very dusty summer and there's not a building in Arizona that doesn't get dust in it this time of year.  With my pain levels increased since going off of narcotics, I've been steadily chipping away at the huge task, but I get worn out very quickly.  I will definitely post piccy's of everything when it's's very colorful, and at the end of this post I have piccy's of a redone dresser that is now in my new sewing area.

Please stop by my shop for Halloween goodies, as they are starting to sell and I don't want anyone to miss out.

First I want to post piccy's of the banners I've received so far from awesome blogging friends.  I'm still expecting 3 more, but I want to share my bounty so far.

This is from the exceptionally lovely Elizabeth
of "Creative Breathing"
It's always a joy to swap with her!

From the sweet Deb of "Garage Sale Gal"
A very pretty miss in pink and blue.

From Erica of "Golden Egg Vintage"
Totally explains herself on this banner,
so cute, too!

From another dear friend, Renee of
"My Vintage Mending."  I love to send her goodies
because she's so crafty and will usually use them.
Plus, she's so dang talented!

From my friend across the pond
Holly of "Pixies Ponderings."
Some day when I get back over to England, I'm
gonna look her up.

From another extremely talented seamstress......
Cindy of "RetroRevival Biz"
Don't you just love the vintage doilies?

From a super lady, and so cooly retro.....
Tammy of "Tammy's in Love"
Very bright and cheery!

From another lovely lady, Shirley of
"Zetta's Aprons" was the first to send one
to me.  She lovingly told a family story on the back.

This is from the neatest lady, Kim of
"Musings from Kim K"
How cute is that doll skirt?  I just love it.

If you don't see your banner here, and you know you sent it, don't worry.........I've still got a few more to take pictures of and post.  I'm also going to post a piccy of how I'm displaying them, once they are all in.

Now for a quick look at a project I did yesterday.  Now bear with me, as I didn't take a before picture, but I'm sure if you all imagine that this dresser was all white, you can now see the difference.  This is a section of a set of bookcases and storage from my childhood.  The set of shelves and other storage parts was originally in the dining room of a 857 square foot home in Scottsdale, AZ and this was home to our family of 7!  Yes, seven people in an 857 sq. ft. home!!!!!  Anyhoo, I ended up with these storage pieces/shelves, etc., and I have them all painted somewhat differently.  This piece is painted in "citrus" yellow/orange and a light aqua blue.  I used painters tape to block off the sections of different colors, and where I finally removed the tape was left white.  On top of the white stripe I used a piece of scrapbook paper cut into 12 strips and glued them over the white to almost look like inlay.  I then glued three vintage puzzle pieces (from the 1940's) onto the middle sections of the drawers.

Click on image for larger view

This is going to be my new storage place for sewing projects in the works, and for some miscellaneous sewing stuff.

The colors in both my craft room and studio are mixtures of yellows, reds, aqua, green, orange and blue....quite colorful!  I've always loved lot's of color!

So, to end this.....I will post more piccy's of banners as I get them, plus my finished display of them....and once my rooms are done there will be pictures.........;o)

Just in case you made it to the end of this post (whew) tomorrow is my birthday........yes, that's right....Labor Day is all about me..........whoot whoot!

Have a great holiday week,