Saturday, July 6, 2013 driver on the road

My baby is flying solo!

Yesterday's drivers test (6-5-13)

Hello all,

I hope you all had a wondrous 4th.  I watched fireworks in my backyard as our neighborhood put on quite a show of it's own and had quite a nice variety.  Dear husband took our youngest daughter and her boyfriend into Tempe to watch the "big" show at Tempe Town Lakes, but I wasn't up to it.  The monsoon season is upon us here in AZ, and although we haven't had much rain to speak of yet, we've had plenty of dust and wind, not to mention the "threat" each day of some moisture.  It plays havoc with my medical issues, so I don't fare well during the monsoon season.

I did manage to take the youngest child (my stepdaughter Abby) out yesterday for some last minute coaching and parallel parking (which she didn't even have to do on the test).  I've trained all three of my children for driving as I'm the designated defensive driver with mad racing skills.....yes, I've had training!  I started all three of my children at the age of 13 driving through the neighborhoods, empty parking lots, etc., which gave them a solid 2.5 years of driving experience before taking them for permits.

Our youngest has suffered from severe anxiety for many years and even though she's been training for this event for the past 5 years, she let her first permit expire and only recently renewed it.  She's been on Prozac for a few months now to deal with her anxiety and it's made a world of difference.  She's now legal and I sent her off to visit her mother and uncle by herself today.

So just lettin' ya all know here in AZ to be on the lookout!

I'll be back with new graphics for going back to school.



Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm smiling at this post...remembering our recent conversation. Emma logged quite the mileage on our road trip with her permit. I'm still not the designated driver with Emma. Chris is the master teacher. Congrats to your daughter.

D. Jean Quarles said...

Lol, when I saw the warning I wasn't too worried. After all bloggers live all over the world, yet wouldn't you know I live in the "neighborhood." I'm hoping your training will be sufficient to ensure my safety.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I'm sure with you as a teacher all is good :)

Something Special said...

My daughter just moved to Pheonix area, and she has been suffering with the heat. She will be happy to hear that the monsoons are coming.
I sure like your new blog look!

Linda Ruthie said...

My son is almost 17 and he seems in no big hurry to get his license. He has driven a few times in my parents field for the last couple of years. I know he'll do fine. Any helpful hints for preparing him for this?

CoriLynn said...

My son is only 8, and yet I am dreading the day when he starts driving! EEK! You are awesome! I could never teach him to drive, I'd be a nervous wreck!
Congratulations to your daughter!!
~xoxo, CoriLynn

vintage grey said...

Wishing her all the best in driving!! I remember so well when I first started to drive! Happy you were her teacher!! Have a blessed and beautiful week sweet Meri! xo Heather

donna said...

Oh gosh how I remember those days. They where scary for me. Lucky for us the school our son was attending offered driver's ed. YEAHH!
donna said...

Hahahaha! I remember these days with our two children. Wishing them safety:)