Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Last minute goodies

Hello friends,

Here's some more goodies for those last minute crafts.  I had a wonderful time at ARTzona and I will be back this weekend with photos.  I met so many amazing artists (true artists), had lot's of snarky woman talk, and I was inspired left and many things I wanna do.........aaaaaaaagh!

I'll be back soon, have a great week.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Recent swap goodies and gifts from friends

Hello Friends,

Well I'm recovering...........slowly, but surely.  I'm now in the "hacking my lungs up" stage of this lovely sinus infection...yippee.

However, I've still been working on some goodies, but first I want to show a recent ATC trade I participated in over at Blissful ATC's.  The first three ATC's are ones I created and the theme was "vintage wallpaper."

I used two different, yet coordinating wallpapers
on this one.  Using some embossed wallpaper
border I cut out around an intricate part and added
it as a highlight.  I also added a bird charm.

Again I used coordinated wallpapers, and an element
I cut from embossed wallpaper boarder, as well as
a brass bee charm.

Here I used embossed wallpaper and regular
wallpaper and created a leaf from copper
craft sheeting.
These are the ATC's I received in return from my swap partner Patti a.k.a. "Electra."  She used flocked wallpaper and sweet vintage images.......I'm so happy.

This is a layout that I created yesterday as something I'm sending into Stampington's for publication.  I'm working on a couple of other pieces to tag along with it, so I'll let you know if anything happens with this.

I added some dimension on the top left corner and the bottom
right corner that up close mimics honeycomb.

I had a lot of fun embellishing this image.

 I also swapped valentines with the lovely Chris over at "Perfectly Printed."  I haven't received hers yet, but I'll post about it when I get it.
This is the front
and the back
These are the goodies I sent to my dear friend E at "Creative Breathing."  I participated in her valentine swap, as well as the valentine ornament swap.  I know she asked not to get hostess gifts, but I just love sending her goodies.  If you check out her post HERE, you can see the little porcelain figurines I sent her of a mother and just made me think of her and her daughter a.k.a. TSG (twirly, swirly girl).

I made her a Paperclay bluebird ornie on top of a
wooden birdhouse that I painted in her beloved
Mary Engelbreit style.

This is the valentine I sent to her........cause she's soooo sweet!
This last item is something very precious to me.  I received it from my dear friend Laura of "Decor to Adore" when she came to my vintage ornament wreath workshop in November last year.  It is the sweetest little bunting made from precious scraps from her "Grandma Jingles" whom you can find out about HERE.  Laura just posted about a wondrous travel journal she made for her recently graduated daughter, in which I had the privilege of working on with her.


I'm still hoping to join the ladies at this coming weekend's festivities for ARTzona part deux.  I promise to take lot's of pictures and post all about the three day weekend event.

I've got sculptures in the works and I'll be putting out Easter graphics soon........I know time is just flying by!

Till then, big hugs,