Monday, February 18, 2013

Spring is coming, Spring is coming

Hello there,

Yes, spring is on it's way, and I took advantage of the lovely weekend we had here and pruned my rose bushes.  I usually do this every February, but last year I missed it due to being worn out.  I have eleven rose bushes that I care for and 7 of them are a Valentine gift from my husband from about 7 years ago.  When we were first dating, he used to come to where I worked and scotch tape about 2 dozens worth of roses all over my car.  He'd also send me roses, and bring me roses......he's very romantic.  Well years ago, I was complaining about the boring view out of my kitchen window, nothing to look at but the neighbors house and the fence in between.  On Valentines eve, my sweet hubby stayed up very late and planted 7 rose bushes for me to see the next morning.  He was all scratched up when I saw him the next morning and I asked him how that happened.....he told me to go check out the view from my kitchen window.  Well ladies, I saw roses planted and most of them were blooming, he jokingly said that this should take care of my view and I would always be supplied with roses.  I replied that roses don't bloom all year long, so he'd still have to bring me some now and then, and he has.

I'm providing a lot of spring/Easter images for ya'll, and those of you participating in Sandy's Easter "spoolie" swap might be able to use some of these.

Have fun with these folks.  Next up.....I'll be posting about my spring class, so stay tuned!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Link Party, Welcome to my engagement!

Happy Valentines Day
to all the best blog friends
anyone could ask for

Thank you for joining me on this Valentine linky party hosted by a very dear, sweet friend of mine, Laura of "Decor to Adore."

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I am sharing a very special moment in my life, made so remarkable by the love of my life, my best friend and most amazing man I've ever husband Chris.  A lot of you know some of my history such as the fact that I'm on my second marriage, but I haven't shared why I said yes to this wondrous man after all the mess I had concerning my first marriage.

I was first married at the age of 19 to a man from a middle eastern country, and we were together for just about 20 years and have two amazing children.  My first marriage did not go according to either of our desires/wishes and took an unfortunate and rather ugly/sad turn for the worse and I filed for divorce.  While still reeling from going through a divorce, I also, rather stupidly, became involved with someone I worked with.  It ended rather ugly as well, and I was left bereft, alone, and wallowing in my misery.  I became very, very, very cynical about men....thinking they were all basically scum and there wasn't a redeeming value to any man around.  At this pitiful point in my life I decided I wanted to hurt men, any man in general would do, and decided to try online dating.  I joined a site, wrote a very sarcastic bio of myself, basically daring any man to contact me..........I was going to play with them, hurt them if possible, and even considered various methods of torture (Ok, I only imagined it, but it was fun at the time).  My bio started with a tone similar to this;
I'm not a model and neither are you.  If you have any intention
of contacting me, you will not request pictures because 
you obviously can't read what I'm writing here.

Please excuse my language, but I was hellbent on hurting someone.  I fully expected that no one would answer or contact me, I was just lashing out.  To my surprise I received 5 contacts.....4 of them asking for pictures of me...............obviously they were perfect for my mood, however, one of them contacted me with a totally bogus bunch of mushy gobbledy gook, which translates to "to good to be true."  He was going to be my target......I was primed to let this guy have all my pain, anger and hatred of mankind, it was supposed to be so easy..........HA.

His bio read something like this;

I'm a romantic at heart.  If you love to take long walks, holding hands, and sharing giggles, then
you are who I'm looking for.  I'm a 6'2" tall, slightly overweight man with a balding pate, but
if you're into cuddling and sharing your thoughts and emotions, then please contact me.

 Now isn't he the perfect target for the dastardly way I was going to treat someone (remember I was a man hater at this time)?  We started communicating back and forth a few times, I was trying to test him and see how mushy this guy could be.  Well he wrote to me of his upbringing and I wrote about mine, and a very odd thing started to happen........we had very parallel lives and experiences.  My man hating continued as I questioned him further and further, testing and testing, and to my chagrin, he always answered a dream, and I was getting more an more annoyed that he was seeming to be perfect.  That couldn't be....right?  He told me that his mother was from England, and that he had been there before, not knowing that I've been there about 4 times and I'm a huge anglophile (a lover of all things English/British).  I decided to test him again, this time on something that only a local or descendant of someone from England might know.  There is a particular brew made out there, kind of like a local moonshine, called "Scrumpy" and it's exceedingly potent, but oh so yummy.  I queried him one day, knowing that he'd been joshing about his English roots and fully expecting him to falter as I asked him if he'd ever heard of "Scrumpy."

Within minutes he had sent me the recipe for brewing it...........aaaaaaaaaagh.  This was way before you had instantaneous results on the Internet.........I was hooked!  I had to meet this man, this man that said everything right, and had the recipe for my favorite all time drink.  Needless to say, we met, we dated, and after a year of putting him through hoops and testing his loyalty, this wondrous man took me out one evening to downtown Tempe (home of Arizona State University), sat me down on a bench, in the middle of the downtown area, and proceeded to present me with a stuffed "Scooby-Doo" toy.  He told me that he was sorry if I felt he was pressuring me in our relationship, or going too fast for me due to all my past hurts.  He explained that this relationship was very precious to him, and he didn't want me to feel that he was making all the decisions without consulting me.  I sat there with tears in my eyes, holding Scooby-Doo, and thanking him for being the only man in my whole life that ever apologized to me........for anything.......and then he showed me the sapphire engagement ring strung around Scooby-Doo's neck.  He then was on his knee and asked me to marry him.

We've been together for 16 years now, and married for eleven.  As you can see.......I did make him wait quite a while.........but man-O-man has it been worth it!  He's loved me enough for several lifetimes, and still keeps me going.  He's my best friend, my lover, my life and I truly wouldn't be here now if not for him.

I love you my dear sweet man and thank you for everything!
Happy Valentines Day my love.

Thank you to the following blog ladies that have showed me such great friendship
and kindness.
Fun Valentines from sweet Deb of "Garage Sale Gal"

Cute Valentines and a lovely handmade heart Valentine from
Chris at "Perfectly Printed"
A sweetheart from a sweetheart
Viv of "Viv's Whimsey"

Amazing Valentines from my dear friend E of "Creative Breathing"

A lovely handmade Valentine from E

Look at all these wondrous goodies from E.
A handmade bird ornie, a handmade nutcup
and lots of vintage ephemera.....awesome

These were at home when I arrived this evening
after running errands.  My hubby is the best!!!!!!

A balloon, fun is that

God Bless, and thank you to Laura for hosting this lovely blog linky party.  Please take some time to visit some of the other blogs participating in this event.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Coming Soon!

Hello wondrous friends,

I've been very busy lately, and haven't been able to blog much or get around blog hopping, but never fear, when I do visit your blogs I read everything I've missed.  All of last week was spent running errands for my mom and taking her to numerous doctor appointments.  Although she's been doing very well, it's exhausting keeping her that way sometimes.  No, I'm not complaining......after all, she took care of me for many years, and let's face it.....I wasn't a joy to care for........LOL  It's my honor and pleasure to take care of her.

I also spent all of Saturday in bed, as the weather here has been unusually wet, cool and dreary.  For some reason, I was hurting particularly bad on Saturday, so I hunkered down and watched lot's of movies.  We've had some sprinkles today, but its supposed to clear up.

Now what does this odd picture have to do with anything??????  Well they are flesh colored light bulb images.  WHAT????  It has to do with my spring's about up cycling and making dolls with fabric, Paperclay and used light bulbs.  Yes, it's odd, but fun and cute.  This image sheet will have various faces to copy onto the dolls that are made, so that those who participate will have choices as well as coming up with their own.

Dolls made with light bulbs, Paperclay and fabric????  Here's an example of what we will try to accomplish.  Now the most fun part of having a class is that not everyone has to have the same outcome.  Will we all make dolls......yes, however, how each doll turns out is the amazing surprise.

Each person attending will be able to create at least one doll in a one day class, and yet with the personalities and talents of each person, no two dolls will be the same........I love that.  Yes, I used a light bulb for the dolls head, and yes, it was a burned out one, but, a new one can be used as well, it's just more fun to up cycle something that you'd normally throw away.

Details will be coming soon, so stay tuned all you local gals, and I'll even work out travel arrangements for those who would like to come in from out of town.  This is gonna be great fun, so come back for more information.

Guess who's getting a makeover?

This pretty doll was found recently on a junking and Goodwill hunting expedition with my good friend Sandy.  She was part of a collection of collectible china dolls that someone donated......don't ask me why perfectly good dolls were donated, I'm just glad they were and she was only $13.  She's a Danbury Mint collectible doll from 1990, but I cannot find any more information about her.  She stands about 20" tall and is very nicely crafted.  Normally I wouldn't do anything to a doll of this quality, however, she's screaming out to me to be altered and my mind is firing away with ideas.

Her hair was still in a Victorian hairstyle of up swept ringlets, but I have already combed it out to it's current wildness.

I was hoping for bare feet with separate shoes instead of fully formed feet and painted on shoes, but I will figure something out.  I'd like to make my own shoes for her, so now I have to put my thinking cap on and figure out where this is all going.

Please join me on Valentines day for the link party with my good friend Laura of "Decor to Adore."  I'll be sharing my engagement story with you all.  I'm also going to share images of all the Valentine goodies I've received recently from lovely friends.

See you soon!