Friday, March 29, 2013

Swap goodies

Happy Good Friday and Easter!!!!

I've gotten all my swap goodies from the two swaps I joined.......and I'm a very happy camper!  First up is the Easter Spoolie Swap that our lovely friend Sandy hosted.  My partner was Hope from "Pixie's Ponderings" who lives in jolly old about lucky pairings.....she spoiled me with wondrous handmade goodies.
This is the lovely spoolie she made for me...
how adorable is that?

This is a panoramic view of the goodies she sent.  She made
the adorable show ribbon and sent a sweet bottle brush
tree decorated with mini eggs, and a paper egg, made in Germany
of which I used in my Easter parade.

She made the giant "chenille" peep, the peat pot with chickie,
and the sweet little bunny "egg" and included the cutest vintage
metal egg and sweet little bee figurine.

She also made me two tags highlighting the months of March
and April......I love the April one with the kite.

Thank you so very much Hope, I love it all and best part of all is that I now have more to display for Easter.

Please visit Hope at her blog HERE to see what I sent her.

Next up is the fun Spring/Easter swap hosted by sweet Sue over at "Sue loves Cherries."  I was paired with the amazing Hettie Mae of "Farm girl Pink" and I'm very happy once again, as I got spoiled by her as well.

A vintage trace and color book, a vintage teachers
edition of "My Brownie Art Book," pretty ribbon
spools, tissue paper, vanilla tealights, Easter
picks, and some cute pink basket stuffing.

She included two paperdoll sheets (reproductions)
a pretty blue candle holder, resin lamb, jumping chick,
Happy Easter plaque, stuffed bunny, vintage
pressed glass sugar bowl and still more...

A close up of the sugar bowl.....gorgeous!

She included this box of vintage cards, which
are a large size (8" x 10") and I'm showing those
that are included in the collage cute!

Thank you so very much Mae for all the lovely goodies.  I didn't take piccy's of how everything was wrapped (as I tore into everything) but she had everything wrapped in pretty retro paper (from the 70's) and also pink cellophane......very sweet.

Please visit Mae HERE at her blog to see what I sent her.

I'm in the process of adding about 11 or 12 new shadowboxes to my Etsy shop.  Most are for Christmas, as my dear friend E sent me a huge collection of vintage Christmas wrapping paper and what could be more perfect for shadowboxes than that?  Make sure you stop by to see them all HERE.

I haven't heard yet from Graphic 45, but you can all be sure I'll let you know if anything happens.  I'm working on two sculpts at the moment, one for the lovely Keren at "Free Pretty Things For You" and one for my dear friend Laura of "Decor to Adore."  I hope to get them both finished soon, in between many doctor appointments and my upcoming upcycled doll class on the 27th of April.  I've also opened my studio every week for local crafters to come and work on projects, start projects or just to chat.  I hope to get a calendar going on my blog soon for all the activities going on here.  Until I do, if you're local and want to know what's going on, please email me at ( and I'll be happy to let you know specific dates.

Happy, Happy Easter to you all,

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Late Entry for the Easter Parade

Happy Easter Everyone,

First I want to thank all of you for your comments and support for my audition post.  I'm sorry I had to leave it up so long, but I had to make sure Graphic 45 had a chance to see it.  With all of your good wishes I am hoping for positive results, and I'll definitely let you all know if I make it to the second round.

A lot of my blog friends have been showing Easter parades using their vintage nursery planters, well here's my late entry, yet still in time for Easter.  I've added a few other vintage goodies in the mix, as well as some of the roses from my garden.....please enjoy.

Here we have the grand marshal of ImagiMeri's
Easter Parade......Mr. Rooster (fuzzy chick courtesy
of my dear friend E)

The first grouping is from the "celluloid" toy division.  They are
working on their float using a vintage German egg to carry them in.

This grouping is a mixture of the celluloid toy division, squeaky
lamb and "Bessie" the Remple dairy cow.

Those silly celluloid bunnies are popping
up everywhere!

This group, led by the squirrel sisters, is trying to figure out
their formation.

The squirrel sisters, Sheila and Sissy, are trying to come to
some sort of agreement, but can't seem to get beyond their
jealousy over each other's hats.

Some other vintage toys wanted in on the action, so the powers
that be let them form their own grouping of mixed compositions.
Kind of like misfits!

This group is being photo bombed by the celluloids

Chirpy the bluebird isn't quite sure she wants the celluloids to
be part of her group, but being that it's Easter and all, she
will probably let things be.

Polka Dot puppy seems a little confused,
and not sure exactly which grouping to be in.
However, in anticipation of this great event,
he made sure to wear his finest hat.

This little girlie pie (a Vivvie term), is just enjoying
kicking back and being part of it all, regardless
of which grouping she falls into.  She's got her
bunny toy and a pretty hat, so she's good to go.

Circus Elephant made sure to find the biggest rose to carry,
and it's got a heavenly scent, too!

Two lamby planters are secretly discussing the formation
of their very own group.

However, Ducky and Chirpy are reminding
them that they all need to work together and
remain  in their specific groups.

What do we have here????

Someone sleeping on the job....oh no, this could be a problem,
where does little Bunnikins belong?

Mr. and Mrs' Bluebirdy are just scandalized
by Bunnikins lack of excitement over this

Oh, this is where Bunnikins belongs.  Well
she can just continue to nap as long as
she stays where she's supposed to.

Thank you for joining my parade, I hope you had fun.  Come back this week for all my swap goodies and what I've been up to lately.

I hope everyone has the most lovely Easter, and I'm praying for all those friends who are having difficulties at this time.  If you know someone in need and can  provide it............give em a big hug, hugs really are magical.

Love ya'

Monday, March 11, 2013

Graphic 45 Design Team 2013 Audition

    Welcome to my audition for the Design Team
 over at Graphic 45
Hello friends,

Yes, this is the announcement I am referring to from my most recent post.  About 2 weeks ago one of my shadowboxes was highlighted HERE on the Graphic 45 Blog, which I mentioned in an email to many of you.  As part of the audition and selection process, I need to post 6 projects I've done, so this is going to be an image heavy post......please bear with me.

First up is a project I just made for my husband using Graphic 45's "Old Curiosity Shop" paper line.  I used an old, segmented wooden box and filled each opening with lots of weirdness and curiosities.
~Please click on images for larger viewing~

Number 2:
This is a "junque" journal I made using the "Prima" Belle Fleur line of papers.  I also made a few "paperdolls" using the images and printing them out, reversed, on brown craft paper.

Number 3:
I've shown this before, but I am posting it again as I think it really shows my style.

Number 4:
This is the shadowbox that was featured on Graphic 45's blog.  I used quite a few of my paper flowers for this one, and created the fence by adhering the image of the fence to a sheet of balsa wood and then cutting it out.  One of the reason I love Graphic 45 paper is because it's weight is heavy enough to create the layering effect I use, making images 3D.

Number 5:
I asked permission from the amazing Kim over at "Musings by Kim K" to use an image of her two lovely daughters in this layout.  I used Graphic 45's "Bird Song Collection" and had fun creating yet another 3D aspect on the page with the lanterns.

Number 6:
Last, but not least, a card I created using Graphic 45's "Spring Garden" collection.

Thank you for your patience, and I will definitely announce if I make it to the second and final round.