Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Even more graphics....all New!

Guess what????  More new graphics!

My mom had her procedure done on her cheek today, and they are very confident that they caught the squamous cell cancer early, before it had a chance to break away within her as it wasn't as deep as they thought.  Oddly enough, I was the assistant to the doctor during the procedure, holding the scraper and the burner for him as he used them alternately.  It was a bit smelly, but not horrible.......I've smelled much worse.  She's gonna' hurt for a few days, and have to change her bandage often, but it should heal up fine with minimal scaring.  Thank you for all your thoughts and concern about my mom......she's pretty special to me and I'm trying hard to keep her around as long as possible.

Just a few days to my, I'm very excited as I want to get people used to using PaperClay, plus I get to play with a bunch of friends.......not too shabby.

Have a great weekend coming up, and I'll be back soon.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's Raining Babies!!!


Well, there's lots of babies being born out there in BlogLand, so in celebration here are a bunch of babies for you to use in your crafting.  Even if there's no new baby in your life, these are adorable.  I'll be back next week with piccy's from the "Upcycled" light bulb doll class, so stay tuned.

Have a great week folks.