Friday, September 27, 2013

I swear I'm not ignoring ya'll

Hello all,

I'm really not ignoring blogland, I've just been extremely busy with sculpting and my mom.  I'm also in the process of looking for a photographer to photograph my latest creations, as they are more upscale then I usually do and need to be professionally captured.  Their introduction will be coming soon, as well as a giveaway to celebrate their release.

We've had a H#*L of a time getting my mom an MRI recently.  We were scheduled and cancelled twice due to mis-communication and lack of professionalism where we went.  We finally got the task done yesterday and now we sit back and bite our nails waiting for the results.  She had a blood test for cancer markers in her liver and bile duct, which was elevated, so we're trying to find out whether she now has cancer in her liver/bile duct.

I hope you stay patient with me, I will be back with more news soon.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Just lettin' ya know........

Hello Bloggy Friends

So much is happening at ImagiMeri's Creations.  Just a reminder for those of you planning on attending November 9th for the "Putzin' Around" event, you've got only till October 9th to pay and reserve your spot.  I will not take payment after the ninth of October as the event needs to be paid in full by then to order the putz houses.  If you have any questions, please contact me at and I'll be happy to work things out with you.

For those of you interested in how my mom is doing, all I can say is we're hanging in there.  She's been needing an MRI for her liver/bile duct to check for cancer, but because she has a stent in her heart and we don't have the information about the stent readily available, they won't do the MRI as it might move it.  We're working on getting the information out of medical archives as the stent was put in around 2003 at a hospital that no longer exists.  She hardly has any teeth left, but hopefully we'll be getting her new plates made soon and she'll be able to eat the food she enjoys again.  We're still going to lots of doctor appointments and I try and get her out once in a while just for fun.

I have had some time to play in my studio lately, and I'm back to sculpting.  I have some wondrous goodies coming up with a whole new way to make them available.

Something special coming soon!

I will also be having yet another giveaway in a promotional fashion for the newbies I've been sculpting.  Stay tuned as we're just gettin' ramped up here in the should see the amazing stuff I have for "Putzin' Around"........all I can say is wow!

Keep checking in weekly for new posts!


Friday, September 13, 2013

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.........uh I mean Frankie Steins new owner!

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!

Without further winner for my birthday giveaway is:


Yea  Julie!
 I'll be contacting you for delivery method.

I had a lovely birthday week or two with visits from my kids, a new car from hubby (2011 Toyota Corolla) and lots of shopping with friends and family.

I'll be back soon with updates on my mom and things I've been up to.

Have a great weekend ya'll!