Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The real reason for the season

Hello awesome people,

I was going to post an entirely different post, all about my husband today.  Today is the love of my life's birthday.  I was going to borrow from my dear friend Laura of "Decor to Adore" and post a reason for every year of my husband's life, why he's so special to me.  Funny thing, though, when I sat down to post I noticed that I have new follower, and I wanted to go see what she's like.  I haven't met her, and I probably never will, but I want to.  I decided a long time ago after many painful life lessons, that I want to surround myself with positive thinking people.  People who care about the same things I do, injustice, acceptance, tolerance, honesty, etc., and I know I've been doing a really good job, because of all the amazing friends I have right now, both locally and online.  As much as I know my husband would love to see a post about how much I love him, I'm pretty darn sure he'll be just fine with this highlight of another in honor of him.  My husband is dealing with some of the darkest and ugliest sins us humans can do each other, in his job, and as much as I love him and want to protect him, he is doing a great service to mankind and that's all I can say about it.  He knows I'm proud of him and the work he's doing, and if all of you knew, you'd be proud, too.

So, having said all's a blog I'd like you all to visit if you get the chance and please read her post: This is the real reason for this season, and in honor of my beloved husband.

I'm wishing each and everyone who reads this, the Merriest of Christmas's and lets try and make 2014 all about acceptance, tolerance, love and forgiveness.

God Bless,

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dancing poodle and other news!


I made it through the employee dinner and the cookie exchange............yipee!  There's still a lot of ham and sweet potato casserole, and now more cookies than I care to think about!  Everyone seemed to have a good time, even the kids had a great time coloring and playing with my vintage toys........yea!  I feel vindicated now, having bought all these vintage toys for my future grandchildren.  Fisher Price is still king of toys, as far as I'm concerned.  I wish I had gotten images to share of the little ones running around with the FP clown jalopy, the FP choo choo train, squeaky toys, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, etc.  I was pretty busy "hoovering" up all the candy and mopping all the spilled drinks and breaking up pillow fights in our bedroom, but I really enjoyed it.  One little boy was particularly smitten with a small stuffed Scooby Doo that talked and every time it said something, I told him he had to kiss Scooby.........and he was so sweet to see.

While at Laura's on Sunday for the cookies exchange, a few of us have started concocting a two day crafting/sleepover event for February.  If anyone is interested, please email me with your interest and/or type of project you would like to make or see made.  We've already talked about creating our own bottle brush trees to then decorate a pretty box that can be used to either store candy or be given as a gift to someone else for Valentines day.  The ever lovely Jenny of "RedheadSadie" mentioned that she'd love to participate and help create vintage hairdo's for anyone who's interested and we can do all kinds of silly sleepover stuff.  Nothing is ever taken seriously here at ImagiMeri's Studio's when it comes to play time.

I'll be back next week with a tribute to my dear husband for his birthday.

Take time to treasure everyone you love in your life........everyone, and take a moment to help someone else this time of year.

Hugs N' Love,

Friday, December 13, 2013

Making Merry for over 25 visitors!

Hello wondrous blogging folks,

Well tomorrow I'm making dinner for over 25 of my hubby's co-workers and even though it's a lot of work, I'm kind of excited.  We're combining my hubby's birthday (which isn't officially till Christmas Eve) and a Christmas dinner and I get to cook it all!!!!!!

I'll be serving glazed ham, roasted lamb, sweet potato souffle with pecan praline topping, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, brandied "challa" bread pudding with caramel sauce and fresh whipped cream, a white chocolate raspberry mousse cake, apple pie and still more.  Sounds yummy even to me.

My youngest and I stayed up late last night baking over 15 dozen cookies, some of which will be taken to a cookie exchange on Sunday, and the rest for here at home.  My dear friend Laura of "Decor to Adore" is hosting the cookie exchange, and I hardly ever pass up the chance to go to her house.

Here's some more graphics for those of you doing last minute crafts.  Some are new, most I've posted before.  Have fun!


Sunday, December 8, 2013

All new Christmas graphics to play with

Hello fellow bloggers,

Here's a whole new batch of graphics I just worked on for all of you.  As always, I love to see what you do with them, so please send me an email or somethin' lettin' me know what you made.  I'm gearing up for the next holiday dinner here at ImagiMeri's Studio's on Saturday the 14th for co-workers and employees where my husband works.  Since our house is decorated so heavily, it makes perfect sense to have the party here.  There will then be the family Christmas dinner on the 23rd, here, too and then I might be able to take a week off............we'll see.  I've still got plenty of goodies in my Etsy shop just right for the holidays, so don't forget to take a peek.

Many happy hours of crafting to you all!