Saturday, July 19, 2014

A bit of an update

Hello lovely bloggers,

I know, I know, you're feeling abandoned by me, and I'm sorry.  Things are changing for me, and unfortunately not in a way that I have control of.  It's going to be a slowed down version of "downsizing" as I cannot do everything myself.  Many glorious plans were made, with the best intentions, but when our summer heat hits, nobody wants to do anything.  I can't blame them, as the heat bothers me most of all, but it's frustrating.  I have many exciting things to look forward to, but all the obstacles in the way are leaving me feeling caught in life's web.  My mind works at a super human pace, but my body just sits back and laughs at me.........mocking me for getting older and having been in poor shape for the past 30 years due to medical crap.  I tell ya, if they ever come up with transplanting my brain into either a young healthy, able body or yes, even an avatar, I'll be one heck of a force to deal with.

Since we live in the real world, not fantasy, I have to take things at an extremely slow pace.  Our summer monsoons are lovely to behold in their fury and the cleansing rain they bring, but with the pain issues I have I just get really mad if I'm hurting all day and it doesn't rain at our house.  Okay, enough babbling.

Some of the changes coming are that I will be closing down my blog.  I will be using my website address of "" as my new connection site.  When I get it properly up and running I will send out notification via an invitation and a giveaway.  My website will be everything; my shop, my blog, updates, schedule of events and happenings, etc.  I am currently strictly on Facebook and Instagram, and you can find me there daily.  I also belong to a few Facebook groups that some of you might be interested in.

I'm still caring on and off for my mom who is doing fine at the moment.  That changes from month to month.  I have some exciting plans for things next year and will be sharing tidbits on Facebook and then on my website when it's up and running.

I don't know how many more posts I'll get in here before the switch, so if you're interested in keeping up on what's happening at chez ImagiMeri's then follow me on facebook and/or instagram.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your company these past 7 years.  Things always change for the better, so I hope this is so for my future, which right now is so ?????????  Lot's of love and hugs, and if you decide to follow me on either Facebook or Instagram, or both, you will definitely hear from me about the final change and opening of my website.

Big Hugs,