Friday, December 5, 2014

Holiday Greetings

Happy Holidays

Hello ya'll,

I hope there is still some time to use these graphics.  Christmas draws close, as does the beginning of a new year.  I pray this is the best new year for all, and I hope it opens a whole new world for me.  I will hopefully be vending at Comi-Con in May, and I hope to hear soon about a teaching position for August.  There will also be lots of physical roadblocks to overcome with my hands and arms, with surgery being some of the roadblocks.  However, with surgery comes hope that limitations are lifted, or as with my knees, just more crap happening......we will see.

I'm very excited for my grandson's first Christmas, although he won't be close to an age to enjoy all the wrappings, etc.  He's the hope in my heart for a brighter future.

I pray you all have the warmest, best Christmas and that blessings surround you all.

Have a great one!

Love and hugs,